Holidays Are Not Holidays Any More

Bob L.
Dec. 23rd 2017

Holidays were when people got together hand in hand to enjoy what we have, but today it has become nothing but party, party, the hell with what the holidays mean, Merry Christmas, better to give then receive, today it is give me give me, and that give me is all the booze and dope and get high you can get your hands on, Memorial day, again booze and pot, not honoring the people who fought and died to give you this freedom, today is, go to hell to any one who protects your freedom, that includes the Police who risk their lives every day to protect your freedom.

It goes on every day if I don’t get my way, I will take you to court, because my rights are more important than yours, what do you think this country would be today, if we were still under the rule of the Dictators of the past, you would have nothing but war, look around the world and what do you see, WAR.

Take a look at all these holidays, every time there is a holiday, yes holiday passed by government, they are the biggest and laziest, because they have more time off than any one else and call it a holiday, and get bigger pay raises then any other people then the Rich, while all Americans, the middle class and the poor have to pay them, better known as slaves for their greed.


This country need to get back on healing and telling all these people who are trying to change this country, and tell them, if you don’t like this country, LEAVE, we don’t like your style of living or religion.

You can call this what ever you want, but all the problems today are created by people who want special privileges to change the system from freedom for all.



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Church And State

Bob L.
Feb. 19th 2016

Fast and quick, DOES ANY ONE really no the difference between Church and State or are you reading it however you see fit, I dare you to sit down and learn the true meaning.

The way I under stand it is, the Government can not get involved in church business, and the church can not get involved in government business, but yet they are both controlled by the people, not the other way around.

Government writes laws to protect all the people, not just some, same for the church, but not to dictate your beliefs on others.

You want freedom of religion, then stop trying  to tell others what to do because you don’t like what they say or do, it is not your place to push your religious beliefs on others, if you don’t like it leave.

We have been living this way for years with no problem, but now we have others trying to change our laws and religion, like I and others say leave until you want to yo want to become a true U.S. Citizen with our laws and religion and not change our Constitution and laws.

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Last Ounce Of COURAGE

Bob L.
Feb. 18th 2016

10590483_797781330281998_4969813968209198746_nI watched a good movie that showed just how many people in this Country are COWARDS, and will not stand up to protect our Constitution and freedoms.
Last Ounce Of COURAGE, year came out 2012, DO YOU HAVE THE GUTS to stand up and stop what is going on today in this Country, or are you a sniveling ass COWARD. Watch the movie and stand up against what is going on and what they are trying to take away from us, OUR FREEDOM!


This Country has become nothing but a bunch of sniveling COWARDS, every time this country need your help, you run as fast as they can to Canada, Mexico, or anywhere else where the Government can not get to you. NO Amnesty For Cowards.

But yet, they cry that they are losing their FREEDOM, gee I wonder why, I would say that about Eighty Percent of the American Citizens are more worried about them selves, that they can not see or care about what is happening to this Country.

Look at how they are treating our MILITARY, THESE are the PEOPLE who are not afraid to step forward to protect our FREEDOM, sure we should not be fighting other people’s battles, but where would we be today if they did not.

There Should only be THREE FLAGS flown in this Country, Our Country, Our State, and Our Missing In Action to show that we still hope, and NO OTHER, and if you don’t like it leave.

Our religion has even shown that they are Cowards, they won’t stand arm and arm to fight for the freedom of religion, the blacks say black lives matter when a white person shoots a black, but say nothing when a black shoots a black, I thought black lives mattered, or is that when some one else does the shooting. All lives matter, no matter who you are.

Are you the Lazy Chicken Ass Cowards who will not defend our freedoms from foreign and special rights groups that are allowed to do any thing they want, because the Government has given them special protection and rights, take away those rights and make all American Citizens equal with the same rights.


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America Today

Bob L.     From what I see today, Just My Opinion.
June 22nd 2015

America what is it?  What I see today is a Country of Whiners, Cry Babies, and Cowards so afraid to stand up and to protect the freedom that we have that no other Country can say that they have, if THEY did, than why do so many want to come to this country? Is it because of Freedom and Prosperity, this is all being taken away by these same people because they don’t want to live by our laws, and the United States Constitution, and this goes for our own Government who are suppose have a College Education, the people on the street have a better Education then them (street education), you can not learn every thing out of a book.

People knock the blacks for being lazy, in a way yes you can say truthfully that some are, those are the race baiters that don’t want to see this Country ever become diverse, and to get every one get out there and shake hands and let every one get on with their life, then you have blacks out there standing up for this Country and defending its honor, though are the ones who can call themselves true Americans.

Sure you have Blacks, Whites, and Foreigners  that will never get on with life and become an American Citizen, they would rather sit back and complain about how they were slaves, or how they are being  mistreated and want to Riot, well the blacks today as every one else were never owned by slave owners, if you want to talk about slave owners, lets talk about all Americans that are under the control of the RICH, and all Government Agencies, now there is modern-day Slave Owners who controls every ones lives, if you don’t believe me vote against some thing that they want, see how long it will last, or, they pass it any way, now that is slavery.

If all these black want to be Americans then say you are an American not African-American, so many of these people have never been to Africa to say that they are African, if that is what they want then go to Africa and fight for their freedom there, in other words my hat is off to though who believe in America and call themselves Americans and want to fight to protect it, but what do they get for protecting freedom, they are called murders for standing up to terrorism.

If you want to get picky, every one in this Country if you look back through history, they can say that they are, oh gee every one in this Country is from another Country, if you checked back through history you would probably find out that even the Native Americans came here from South America, Europe when there was an ice bridge, Alaska, Canada, and Mexico.

Today people talk big, then when shit hits the fan and people should step up and be counted, but what do they do, they start Whining, Crying like cowards that they are and hide behind the Church, and their don’t do Organizations saying stop, but then when all hell breaks loose, they want to know why nothing was done about it to keep it from happening, that is the cowards way.

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Senate Looking To Pull A Fast One On The Americans Again

Comment By Bob L.
Oct. 13th 2013

Here we go again, Obama and the Democrats working on a way to get around the law again (closed door deal) to get what they want, they have done it before, and they are going to do it again.

The people who are fighting them are not just Democrats, Republicans, and Independence, they are the average Legal American who is going to lose, why, because of these greedy Politicians, who are going to profit from these close door deals with Special Interest, who will also make big profits.

Now when are the American people going to stop letting Government take over and run their lives, REMEMBER,  it is a Government for the PEOPLE, NOT for the Government Politicians to make a profit off the backs of all Legal working American.

People get off your ASS and start letting this Government know, and that you are not going to let this go on, and People, don’t just look in the mirror and say it looks good to me, they are doing what I want, hell with it if it is not working for the Country, it is working for me. 


Senate leads hunt for shutdown and debt limit deal

Associated Press


WASHINGTON (AP) — Senators put faith in party leaders Sunday to devise a plan that would reopen the government and steer clear of a potential default this week, saying it’s unthinkable that political obstinacy would prevent the United States from paying its bills.

With House leaders sidelined, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., have taken the lead on discussions in the fiscal crisis. That raised the level of optimism among some senators that a deal could be reached even as Reid has said there was a “long ways to go” and few details on the leaders’ talks have emerged. Continue reading

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Is It Your Rights, Or Theirs

Comment By Bob L.
Sept. 2 2013

I made a comment on about about your rights, and a comment that was made, is some what true, but a person should have a right when it comes to Jury Duty, they say that they have a way to tell who will be a good Juror, but that is not always true today, I can go in and say any thing they want and put on a good show, but when it comes to a verdict I can change and go by what I thought to begin with.

Now if a person is set against Alcohol, Illegal Drugs whether a law was passed or not, they are still Illegal, and Discrimination, I don’t care, I am against them and any one who does or uses this, knows exactly what they are doing when they do it, and I don’t believe a person is Insane when they violated the law, they knew exactly what they were doing, and I stand behind what I believe, that is my Right, and no one has the right to say I do not have that right, this is suppose to be a FREE COUNTRY, and if you have not noticed the Courts and the Government have turned the laws in to a joke by side stepping them for their own advantages, and to prosecute who they want, just like they do in other countries with out dew process of your rights.

This is the Comment made to my post: [Yes we voted for Obamacare by voting for change and voting for President Obama. We should not have a  right to turn down jury duty otherwise we could end up with only people on the jury who view and see things one way. Our government is made up of everyday people we just need to get big money out of politics. (Oil, Wall St., Gas and ETC.) One voice one vote…If you don’t like someone or something voting is the answer. I don’t like the fact that Republicans keep trying to take voters rights away one state at a time and I will keep fighting to protect our rights to vote!]

 Here shows exactly just what they were saying, a person can only see one side and vote that way, and if you read what they have said, you can see that they have only one side, and they do not vote with and open mind, they voted with out seeing both sides and seeing the truth, and they think that the Democrats are the true leaders and every one else is wrong and lying, when it came to Obamacare, the American People DID NOT get to vote on it, remember you could not see what was in it until THEY passed it, the DEMOCRATS, just because we voted Obama in to office, that does not mean that we wanted Ocamacare, that was just another railroading of this Administration.

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Who’s Side are Americans On, America or Terrorist Bullying

Comment By Bob L.

Who’s side are Americans on, are they now joining Terrorist or are they Americans who support local business and jobs, or are they for more contaminated foods brought in from other Countries.

Americans it seem, think with their heads stuck up their Ass and have nothing else better to do, but side with radical terrorist that want to bring this Country down, just look how many jobs have been lost because of them, when is America going to wake up and stop believing this Administration that is supporting these radical terrorist groups here and abroad. 

Look what is coming out of Colleges today, Brain Washed Idiots, is this what our Taxes are funding, education to promote Terrorism in this Country.

Look what is happening now, IRS is harassing certain non-profit organizations, this Administration is pressuring businesses  (or is it black mailing) to support things that people don’t want, when is it going to stop, after this country goes under, is THIS the type of Country you all want.

Americans it seems that they don’t even want to support our military personal who are doing what they are ordered to do, THAT IS THEIR JOB, so you can have the freedom that you Enjoy Today, they don’t want to do it, but who else will defend this country if they don’t, it is sure not the lazy Americans who won’t even work, they would rather sit back and let some one else pay for their life style, and then complain that they want more.

Look how many Dry Land Farms and jobs have been lost because of Environmental Terrorists Groups.


Fight to close California oyster farm divides community and gains national attention

By Holly Bailey, Yahoo! News | The Ticket

INVERNESS, Calif.—It is coming up on planting season at Drakes Bay Oyster Company, a tiny family-owned oyster farm located on a inlet nestled within the lush grassy cliffs that run along the Pacific Ocean here just north of San Francisco.

For more than 50 years, the modest farm, which looks like nothing more than a cluster of shacks, has been one of California’s leading producers of shellfish. Grown in the clear blue waters of what is known as Drakes Estero, Drakes Bay oysters make up a third of California’s annual shellfish production and are on the menu at some of the Bay Area’s top restaurants.

But the Lunny family, which purchased the farm in 2004, has been reluctant to begin planning cultivation for future seasons because they aren’t sure they will be here for much longer. For months, the Lunnys have been locked in an intense legal fight to keep the Interior Department from closing their farm—a closely watched case that heads before the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco on Tuesday.

At issue is a decision made last November by then-Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, who declined to extend Drakes Bay’s 40-year-lease, which allowed it to operate on public land within the Point Reyes National Seashore that was created decades after the oyster farm’s inception.

The Lunnys, who had been pressing for an extension of their lease for years, sued—arguing Salazar based his decision on flawed environmental impact studies produced by the National Park Service, which oversees the land. They also contend he ignored a 2009 bill championed by California Sen. Dianne Feinstein and approved by Congress that would allow the farm’s lease to be extended by another 10 years.

Kevin Lunny, who owns the farm with his brothers, casts the fight as a battle between his family and an overzealous federal agency that is bowing to pressure from a powerful lobby of environmentalists who refuse to see benefits of farming on federal land. He says the government is ignoring the concerns from local residents who see his farm an important local sustainable food source.

“We are a part of a working landscape, the agriculture which is a key part of the fabric, the history and the culture that was always expected to be preserved here on the seashore,” Lunny said in an interview with Yahoo News. “What we are doing is fighting for our business, our employees and our community against a federal bureaucracy that seems to want to ignore the will of the people.”

But his opponents argue it’s more important to restore the land to protected wilderness and that extending the Drakes Bay oyster lease would set a dangerous national precedent that would allow commercial operations on other federal park lands.

“It’s a contract issue, a deal’s a deal,” said Amy Trainer, head of the Environmental Action Committee of West Marin, one of the farm’s most outspoken opponents. “If (Lunny) is allowed to stay, then we think that hurts the integrity of all our national parks and wilderness areas.”

Both Lunny and his opponents insist they are each trying to be the best stewards of the land along the Pacific seacoast—and both claim to have science on their side to prove they are doing just that. At the same time, both claim to be speaking for the majority of residents in the region.

The case has become something of a local soap opera in Marin County, where the farm is located—dividing local residents and elected officials, many of whom refused to be interviewed because of fear of retribution. The local newspapers in recent weeks have been full of warring op-eds from interested parties on both sides of the debate, which has split people who have traditionally been allies like Feinstein and the environmental lobby. There have been rallies and petitions circulated by both sides–and even snarky bumper stickers issued, including one that read, “Shuck you, Secretary Salazar.”

More recently, the fight has gone national. In December, Lunny’s cause was picked up by Cause of Action, a Washington-based conservative watchdog group, that has been handling his case pro bono.

The farm’s opponents quickly seized on that development, pointing out that the group’s executive director, Dan Epstein, once worked for a foundation financed by Charles Koch, who, along with his brother David, has spent tens of millions of dollars to boost conservative candidates and causes. But Cause of Action has said it has not taken any money directly or indirectly from the Koch Brothers.

Lee Rubinstein, a spokesman for the group, said they were drawn to the case because of flawed science in a Park Service impact study on Drakes Bay—including a claim that the farm’s operations were hurting harbor seals. The Park Service later retracted the claim after criticism from outside scientists who said their study was inaccurate.

“When you get an agency that is playing really very fast and loose with the science, that is engaging in a whole variety of very questionable practices, where it is going to astounding lengths… to prove there is some sort of disturbance with seals, from a policy standpoint, this is tremendously worrisome because we depend on agencies to do things in a transparent manner (and) a professional manner,” Rubinstein told Yahoo News.

The case also has gotten attention from Republican members of Congress, including Louisiana Sen. David Vitter, who included a provision to extend Drakes Bay’s lease another decade in a GOP energy bill that primarily aimed to speed up production of the Keystone XL pipeline—an anathema to environmental groups. That attracted the attention of other national environmental lobby, including the Sierra Club and the National Resources Defense Council, that has mentioned the oyster farm fight in fundraising emails to their members and pumped funds into the region to lobby the debate.

In a situation that created even more strange bedfellows in the case, a group of well-known chefs recently submitted a legal brief in support of keeping Drakes Bay Oysters open. Among the signers was Alice Waters, the famed chef at Berkeley’s Chez Panisse who is one of the nation’s best known proponents for using locally sourced food.

For his part, Lunny insists he’s stunned to be in the middle of a debate that he said increasingly seems to be “less and less about a little oyster farm and more about issues that have nothing to do with us.”

“All we are trying to do is stay open, to keep our way of life,” said Lunny, who has lived on the coast near the Point Reyes seashore his entire life.

His family first came to the coast in the 1940s, when his grandparents opened a cattle ranch in the hills near the oyster farm. His family still owns the ranch, but Lunny says if the oyster farm closes, the cattle operation could be at risk, as well, because they would still be obligated to pay back bank loans they took out on the oyster farm.

“We are facing bankruptcy,” Lunny said.

But he quickly added that it’s more than just about his family, pointing to his farm’s 30 employees and their families—about half of whom live on site. He said the workers would not only be out of jobs, but would be homeless and with a skill set that would likely force them to start all over with new careers or to move to other areas where oyster operations are flourishing, like Washington State.

Yet the irony in Lunny’s legal battle is that even if he succeeds in court, the farm may still be forced out of business. At issue Tuesday is whether Drakes Bay can stay open while the Lunny family’s case against the Interior Department and the Park Service is being litigated. If the panel says no, the farm could be evicted within weeks—and Lunny would be forced to remove and destroy in upwards of 20 million oysters growing in the water. That would effectively kill his business, Lunny said.

But even if Lunny can get a reprieve and wins his case in court forcing the Interior Department to reconsider its decision not to extend his lease, it doesn’t mean he will win that battle either.

“We could go through this whole process and still not get another lease,” Lunny said. “It all very nerve-wracking and depressing to not know what your future is going to be. You try to hope for the best, but you can’t help but feel anxious.”

But Lunny’s opponents have shown him no sympathy. In an interview, Trainer accused Lunny of polluting the waters in Drake’s Estero, flouting local environmental regulations and treating his employees badly by not giving them adequate health insurance and overtime pay (allegations he denies). And she slammed Lunny and his supporters for putting out what she described as “misinformation” in an effort to boost their cause.

“The story has been, ‘This poor farmer, and he’s a victim of the government,’ and it’s just complete nonsense,” Trainer said. “He’s getting all kinds of free legal advice, hundreds of thousands of dollars in free legal help. He’s working with all these ultra-conservative members of Congress.”

But Lunny counters that while he has accepted help from those willing to help, it doesn’t mean he agrees with all of their views. He, in turn, accuses Trainer and local environmentalists of being unwilling to even try to find common ground and for personal attacks that aren’t true.

“I have never been treated like the enemy before, and it’s been an uncomfortable position,” Lunny said, adding that he’s invited his opponents to come view his operation, but none have.

Sighing, he added, “I am a farmer. That’s all I want to do.”

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Washington Politicians Profit $, While Americans Struggle

Michelle MalkinNancy Pelosi, Down and Dirty
By Michelle Malkin

As a rueful Queen Elizabeth once said of a particularly rough year for the royal family, 2011 is “not a year on which” Queen Nancy Pelosi​ “shall look back with undiluted pleasure.” The former House Speaker relinquished her crown — er, gavel — in January. It’s been an epic downhill ski crash ever since. Continue reading

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