Who Received Brains And Who Did Not

Bob L.
July 14th 2017

This country is showing just how much our education has gone down in the sewer, or drug uses, when it comes to brains, Washington State has again shown ignorance in education.

This state along with others have gone all out to stop Tobacco and other product like it, to stop people from using them to, but then say Smoke pot, I was to understand that smoke from second-hand smoke was hazardous to non smokers, like some one who lives with a pot smoker who does not smoke it can test positive to smoking, and can lose their jobs, now is that Healthy?

Now they are after drug use that involves Opioid and Death from over dosing, same with any other drug like, Heroin, Sleeping pills, just a few, but yet want to spend taxpayers money for Heroin shoot up places, when all this time they are spending taxpayer money to stop Opioid uses, did any one twist their arms to start using it more and more, NO, they did it to themselves, so now we the people are being charged to clean up their drug habits that we did not tell them to use, they did it themselves.

When it all comes down to ignorance it shows just how far our education has come, from Eight Grade drop-outs becoming Million airs to down right Over Educated Stupid and Ignorant people today that gotta have every thing their way, what happen to common sense in our schools, with the education and learning the different s in right and wrong, it won’t be taught at home, when how to respect for others is not even taught in the home, school are not teaching it, it seems that schools are teaching every thing the opposite of what they are being paid, they seem to be teaching Disrespect for the laws and Others and their property.

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GREED Is More Than For Money

Bob L.
June 24th 2017

Don’t let this happen! If you don’t care about your Country, think about your children’s future

GREED, greed is for Money, Prestige, King Of The Hill, or Group, today it is for king of the hill, or which group has more power over others, like the Muslims and their Religion and hell with our laws, Black Lives Matter and no one else, Gay Rights, Atheists who don’t believe in any thing, and Environmentalists who believe that they are right and better, but they all think that their rights are more important than any one else.

When people think that GREED is more important than being UNITED as a Nation, this country is in for a big fall, and when it happens you are not going to like it, and it will be too late to do any thing about it, and we are just about to that point of no return, I would say Fifteen years or MAYBE sooner, it is up to the Citizens to put a stop to it, because it will not happen on its own. [I am the law now, And I will interpret your Constitution as I please, WHO WILL IT BE??????]

I believe people were coming together better as years passed, but it took just Eight Years to return this Country into the Fifties, fighting each other, and bringing in more Immigrants, now who is providing them with Money, Places to Live, Medical, and jobs that are not available for U S Citizens, and WHERE IS ALL THIS MONEY coming from to support them, and U S Citizens, The Next Country that will be Running this Country.   



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I Don’t Know About You, But

Bob L.
June 21st 2017

I don’t know about you, I am not a Republican, Democrat, an

Democrats & Republicans they won’t work with me, stop WHINING & do your JOB!!!

Independent, I am a United States Citizen and getting tired of our Government wasting money on all these meaningless hearings that are going no where, and doing nothing about it but wasting money, and not doing what they were elected to do.

I am getting tired of our Government agencies whining and crying about they can not get any thing done, but yet they will not work with each other, all they seem to do is, we are not make enough money and we need a pay raise, I think we all need a pay raise and get paid like they do, and whine that they have to work to hard, I wish we all could get payed and have all the perks that they have.

I am getting tired of all these people coming into this country and telling us  our Laws, our Religion, and our U S Constitution has to go, they come here as a guest of the people, and some never become Citizens, but then some of them turn around and stab us in the back, while making it bad for the ones who want to live in this country under all our Laws, Religion, Constitution, and Holidays, and some will become U S Citizens.

They say that if you don’t like what they are doing than vote them out, lets get rid them and pass term limits of two terms and no more, and once they are out, they can no longer work for any other Government Agency, or Government Contractor, or have any dealing with Government any way shape or form, when you are out YOU ARE OUT.

I am getting tired of the news media constantly push unrest, if some one gets shot, they push that 24 – 7, turn on the news, still reporting it a week later, the more they push it the more hot things get.

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Without Exercising Intelligent Judgment

Bob L.    Who deserve pay and cost of living increases every year?
Aug. 16 2015

The Poor and Seniors again will get the shaft by our Government Bureaucrat (an official who works by fixed routine without exercising intelligent judgment.) if 2016 Presidential candidates get their way, Democrats, Republicans, and Independent’s (more money for them selves).

Every year all Government Employees get a pay raise and cost of living, well most of the time, why are they guaranteed a pay raise when the working class have to fight for every Pay Raise, Cost of Living (if they can get it), Health Insurance (if they can get it), and Retirement, not so for Government (it’s automatic).

They talk about Entailments, who are the ones who get all these Entailments, Government workers, and Free Loaders who sit at home on welfare, they get better benefits than Seniors and the Working Poor, there are people who want a job, but the Government let these job we once had be Outsource to other Countries for more money in their pockets (stock market).

Now our Government Bureaucrat want to know why they have no tax base to keep this Country Operating, well look at what they have done, they have Regulated an Taxed jobs right out of this Country, go into stores today and see how many people are at check out counters working.

Check out these people who have big retirements and draw Social Security, Medicare along with Medicaid, and live in $200,000 Homes and more, have a Motor Home, Snow Mobiles, Boats, and you can go on and on, some of them have not even paid a dime in to it, now who is really getting these Entailments, not the people who really need it, but they till want to take it away from there only income, not the ones who have a good Retirement.

They say they only get $98,ooo a year to live on, my self and a lot of other people wish they had that to live on every year, but those people have more than that to live on like, Speaking engagements, Stocks, Bonds, and some have jobs that they take away from people who need them.




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Obama returns to Campaign Mode, Not Running the Country

Comment By Bob L.
Oct. 26th 2013

This is one Article that really says it all, 4,694 Comments that pretty much sizes up what is happening in this country today and who is responsible.

Here are some just some of them, and you can read the rest at:–politics.html


“First Lady Michelle Obama’s Princeton classmate is a top executive at the company that earned the NO-BID contract to build the failed Obamacare website. Toni Townes-Whitley, Princeton class of ’85, is senior vice president at CGI Federal, which earned the no-bid contract to build the $678 million Obamacare enrollment website at Healthcare dot gov. CGI Federal is the U.S. arm of a Canadian company. Townes-Whitley and her Princeton classmate Michelle Obama are both members of the Association of Black Princeton Alumni.” Continue reading

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Democrats: Hell with What You Want, We Don’t Care

Comment By Bob L.
Sept. 28th 2013


How about this, if this is a train wreck and it is what the Republicans say it is, how about the Americans people suing the Democrats to who are pushing for it and make them pay for all Americans Health care, and prosecute them for the scam it is, and this shows that it is time for Term Limits.

Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Or an Independent Every One has to pay for their own Actions, but it seems that the Democrats think that they are above every one else, and can do what ever they want, but it does not work that way, you can not go around calling people names who won’t do what you want, well it seem that the Democrats are back in that worried mode again, and afraid that they won’t get their way again like they did when they passed Obamacare with AARP, the Unions, Insurance Companies, and some Health Organization one night behind closed doors before any one knew what happen, and they are doing the same thing again, Republicans are trying to save a disaster to the American people who will have to pay for it, but the Democrats will shut  down this Country to protect the wealthy Insurance Companies to make more profit, along with them selves. Continue reading

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