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Bob L.
Feb. 3rd 2017

I Don't See One Air Plain In This Picture

I Don’t See One Air Plain In This Picture

Global Warming, where do you start, lets start with the Government, and people who want to profit off the backs of the people, like Stocks, Utilities, Gas, Natural Gas, Water, yes Governments profit because they own all the water rights, even the rain, Utilities regulate how you are going to light your home or business, and how much water you can use.

Now why are they not talking about air craft, every year more air craft is put in the air, now I would say that contributes to a third of global warming, but it seems that profiteers over look that part of warming, there again stocks and profit.

If global warming is so important than why are they allowing bigger and more air craft in the air, how about rail and use Electricity to power them, oh wait that would mean they would have to provide more power than wind mills could provide, same for commuter travel, stop building larger and bigger highway and spend that money in mass transit.

Today they are making people pay for large transit systems, in some cases like Tacoma, Seattle, and how many more paying for Two and Three Transit Companies all doing the same thing, why do we need that many when one would do, we all should be paying for just ONE, not

two-three or even four.

Look back years and look at all the tracks that were torn up in cities that said they did not need them, well they have pulled them plus abandoned rail systems up, why, they all could have been used for commuter systems, look at Tacoma, Seattle, rails that were used back in the day are now being put back in when they could have been still been used, don’t they all run by Electricity, not diesel.

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Government Educationed 2+2 = They Can’t add

Bob L.
July 12th 2016

Tacoma’s plastic bag ban and other Cities  logic is the same as, what is the answer to the question, what is 2+2, these people don’t know the answer, 2+2 = not what they think it means, they think that if you ban plastic bags, that will solve all the problems, well maybe for them it will, but not for the people, you see all you have to do is go to the store and buy garbage bags of all sizes, now you still have plastic bags going to the land fills and going into streams along our roads and streets, wow 2+2 comes up what, sure not FOUR (4), but they think it does.

You see if you ban plastic bags, = jobs, if you charge 5 cents a bag and they get the money, what does that do to the people, and what does that do to the business, that will and could mean higher prices to the people at these stores, because the stores have to buy the paper bags so the city could city or government could line their greedy pockets, and the stores receives nothing, Ooo yah, just a way to charge more at the cash register, government, stores win, people again lose to greed.

And when you add up the answer, you get what, greed for the greedy, and for the people, here again, the people get the answer four (4), the government and stores, greed, so who do you think the winner will be, the people who feed the greedy at every raise of a tax, and do these people have their hand in the stock market to want this law in effect.

If you are so head up about these bags, than ban them all, and while you are at it, fine way to put more people out of work, you are doing a good job of it now, dig harder, you should be able to find more ways to put people out of work, but don’t come winning when your money runs short like it did when you did on tobacco, now you can do it on your wacky tobacco.

If this such a big problem, come up with a biodegrade plastic bag, or is that to simple and hard to get through stupid educated peoples head, than just maybe we can keep people working, and putting more people back to work, but I don’t think that they really care what happen to any one but them selves.


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Earth Tilting Thanks to Climate Change Or Nuclear Testing

Bob L.
April 13th 2016

imagesAs years have gone by, I can remember that they were saying back in the nineteen Fifties that earth was knocked off its Axis because of all the nuclear testing, now today they are using it as Global Warming, how soon people forget passed history, that is because today people have been brain washed to believe the Government is never wrong, and this shows just how dumb people have become.

In the end there will be winners, and losers, Winners the Rich, Losers the People, as usual, how else can it end.

Today people have become so lazy, they will not lift a hand to protect what they have, FREEDOM, if they keep letting the Government run wild, this will come to and end and you will never get it back, the problem is they are giving some more freedom than others, and what are you coming up with DISCRIMINATION to all. Continue reading

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Political Rants And Raves

Bob L.
Feb. 25th 2016

Politicians will say any thing to get elected but the truth, why are so many Legal Americans so brain-dead and vote for any one who lies, we need people in Government who will bring this Country back to the freedom we once had where people could afford to buy Food, a Home, and a Car, and they had Auto and Medical Insurance without having to borrow money just to keep a roof over their head. It is all up to YOU what you want in this Country.

This Country went to the shits starting in the sixties when JFK was killed, and has been going down hill fast, but now in the last TEN (10) years the Governments all over this Country has really become corrupt and greedy, this Country is not what our Forefathers intended it to be.

Why has it become that way, because every one today wants every thing their way, to hell with the laws and the Constitution, corporations have gotten greedier, Government and Government Workers have become greedy, they have no respect for any one but themselves, they want their cake and eat it to no matter how much it kills this Country and the poor, people who can not afford to keep paying their wages and cost of living.

This Country is broke if you don’t no, if all the Countries call in their loans that this Country has borrowed, this Country could not pay them back, now where do you think we will be, owned by a dictator Country, which do you want, freedom or some one telling you what to do, just like what the White house is doing right now.

Hell with Global Warming, the GOVERNMENTS and the RICH are doing a better job of destroying the WORLD then GLOBAL Warming.


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If You Are So Smart, Than Why???

Bob L.  True Facts Or Just For Profit
Sept. 24th 2015

If a College Education is so great, than why is it that?

Every year this Country is getting dumber and letting foreign Countries tell us what to do and how to live?

Our Schools of higher learning for are children are falling behind the rest of the world?

Our Country, the United States of America is going back to being controlled by Foreign rules and laws? Is this NOT why years ago people left foreign rule to start their own rules and laws, known as the United States Constitution of this free Country, to get away from foreign rule of Dictators?

Look what is happening to this Country to-day, Government is dictating their will and powers on the True Legal American Citizen, just to be controlled by Guest to this Country who don’t have any plans to become Legal Citizens and abide by our laws, we are supposed to bend over and kiss their asses.  Is what the Constitution stands for.

Global Warming, Dixie Lee Ray knew how to control it, and not by dumping it on the tax payer for others to profit from it like it is today. (Dixie Lee Ray: The government should set a goal for a clean environment but not mandate how that goal should be implemented. Mankind is considered (by the radical environmentalists) the lowest and the meanest of all species and is blamed for everything.)

Global Warming is every ones responsibility, NOT THE GOVERNMENTS or the RICH to line their own pockets.




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Without Exercising Intelligent Judgment

Bob L.    Who deserve pay and cost of living increases every year?
Aug. 16 2015

The Poor and Seniors again will get the shaft by our Government Bureaucrat (an official who works by fixed routine without exercising intelligent judgment.) if 2016 Presidential candidates get their way, Democrats, Republicans, and Independent’s (more money for them selves).

Every year all Government Employees get a pay raise and cost of living, well most of the time, why are they guaranteed a pay raise when the working class have to fight for every Pay Raise, Cost of Living (if they can get it), Health Insurance (if they can get it), and Retirement, not so for Government (it’s automatic).

They talk about Entailments, who are the ones who get all these Entailments, Government workers, and Free Loaders who sit at home on welfare, they get better benefits than Seniors and the Working Poor, there are people who want a job, but the Government let these job we once had be Outsource to other Countries for more money in their pockets (stock market).

Now our Government Bureaucrat want to know why they have no tax base to keep this Country Operating, well look at what they have done, they have Regulated an Taxed jobs right out of this Country, go into stores today and see how many people are at check out counters working.

Check out these people who have big retirements and draw Social Security, Medicare along with Medicaid, and live in $200,000 Homes and more, have a Motor Home, Snow Mobiles, Boats, and you can go on and on, some of them have not even paid a dime in to it, now who is really getting these Entailments, not the people who really need it, but they till want to take it away from there only income, not the ones who have a good Retirement.

They say they only get $98,ooo a year to live on, my self and a lot of other people wish they had that to live on every year, but those people have more than that to live on like, Speaking engagements, Stocks, Bonds, and some have jobs that they take away from people who need them.




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I Got My Cash To Keep Me Warm

Bob L.    True Fact Or True Fiction I Think Fact.
Aug. 10th 2015

Like the song says I got my love to keep me warm, but for the case of Obamacare, Global Warming and any thing the Government has to do with, it is the love of cash, better known as GREEN.

The Government has proven time after time that the only thing that they pass is any thing the benefits them not the Legal American Citizen, or the Constitution of the United States.

If they really cared about the United States and the people as much they say, than why don’t they take better care of it and stop bowing to non citizens and SOME citizens every whim, and tell every other citizen to go to hell.

NOW LETS GO GREEN, famous words of all the rich (and Politicians) that is why the push for green (money, money, money).

Continue reading

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Very Stupid They Are

Bob L.   This is more than my OPINION, it is actually observation of the stupid.

Environmentalist are doing every thing to help Governments to shut down this world for the name of going green, better known as lining the pockets of the Politicians, Stock Holders of large Companies, and Governments.

Environmentalist are doing what ever to ban Fossil Fuels, what are fossils? They are fuels that run an engine, better known as Gasoline, Diesel, Propane, Kerosene for portable lights, Coal for Power Plants, Natural Gas, Oh yes and last but not least, Fuel that powers your Planes, Hypocrites have got to have their planes to get around the world to spread their hate.

Environmentalist are using just actually what they are trying to stop other people from using, like Boats, Cars, Trains, Planes, and Bicycles, what makes these Bicycles, Cars and Pickups, Planes, Trucks that bring you every thing from Gas, Food, Water, Cars, Planes, Bicycles that don’t pay for highway taxes, sales tax yes, road tax NO.

SO now who is the Stupid, the hypocrite, and the person who does not know what they are talking about just to make a profit off the backs of the working poor.


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Who Is Saving Money With Government Lights?????

Bob L.          Just My opinion, BUT  I Am Not Saving Money With these Lights, the more I cut my usage the higher my bill goes.
June 6th 2015

imagesOur Government is so into our pockets, they say to help protect us from scams, but it is alright for them to impose scams on us every day and every year, but to them it is nothing more than them helping them selves to our Savings Accounts, Retirement, and our every day cash that we need to pay our bills.

They pass laws that say we have to have MANDATORY Expensive Health Insurance, Expensive Mandatory Car Insurance, and now we have to have mandatory LIGHT BULBS that are unsafe, unhealthy and Deadly, if the Government cared about the Legal American Citizen, they would not be helping the Rich put Americans out of work by bring in people from around the world, or put in computers in stores to put people out of work here, no wonder people are getting lazy and don’t want to work, all they have to do is sit back and live off every one else, the Government started it, the Government can stop it, and the Government can get people back to work, if they really believed and cared about this Country.

CFL’s can start fires by not getting proper ventilation, or if you put them on a dimmer, they can kill you if you break one and don’t follow EPA guide lines, did the Government tell you that when the made it a law that you had to discontinue using incandescent bulbs and start using CFL bulbs, did they tell you that the money you save will go to higher light bills, because the Utilities Companies will lose money by you going to these lower cost cutting lights.

Did the Government tell you that this is another way for the Power Companies to raise their rates by adding more taxes, by adding a provider fee for service to your home along with the usage that you used each month, NOW, that provider fee cost you more than the amount that you used, boy what a savings that we now gave our selves by doing what the Government is doing for us, I don’t know about you, but lives of people on a set income each month can not take it much longer, but my self I will be without power if they keep raising it, but then they will pass a law and say that it is not healthy and you will have to have it whether you can afford it or not, just like Obamacare, Car Insurance, and now LIGHT BULBS.

How many more scams are the people going to let the Government get away with before they put a stop to it, never, as long as the YUPPIES and the Millennial’s keep getting what they want, things will not change, but get worse.

Go to You Tube and look up the Dirty Truth about CFL Bulbs, 1, 2, and 3, then see what you think, is the Government Protecting us or are they lining the pockets of the RICH, well, they are not protecting us.


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Run Your Ass Is On Fire From Just Sitting On It

Bob L.      Just My Opinion Short And Sweet, BUT
May 6th 2015

People today are just sitting on their asses and doing nothing about what this Government, Corporations, and Unions are doing to this Country.

Today Government is more into putting people out of work and calling it Global Warming, they have no respect for any legal U.S. Citizen to have a job, they would rather put Americans out of work and hire people from around the world, is this not true?

Look around and see how many work visas are handed out every year to people coming here hired by Companies who are having their employee’s train them to take their jobs, and what is this Country doing about it, bending over backwards to accommodate them, so who are these people sitting with all this power to get buy with it, Cities, Counties, States, and Federal employees who you keep voting in, who are traveling abroad to get them to come here with offers of jobs, WOW, so much for American jobs.

People today have no room to complain because they don’t have a job, they are letting the Government get away with it and are doing nothing about it, they would rather sit around and be a freeloader and live off the lucky ones who still have a job, Well being a freeloader will eventually bite you in the ASS.

Stop letting the Government and the Unions do your bidding, they only care about the money, not you, every time you get a raise they get a raise, so where did that money go to that you got? (Union Dews, and Taxes). Are the unions saving your jobs, or are they allowing people coming into this Country to walk in to these jobs that you are losing???

I am not saying unions are all bad, but they are more now for Money and control, just like the Government is doing today, controlling every thing you do, just get up off your FAT ASS and lets get this Country back to the Legal United States American Citizen, not Corporate or Government, let’s get jobs, not Global Warming, jobs first then lets work on Global Warming.

Which is more important today, jobs or losing them to the Environmentalist, Rich, and Government Employees to profit at the stock market while you and your children starve and keep a roof over your heads, eventually the Government is going to take away all this free-living that these free loaders are living on, and then where will you be, no job and a cardboard box called home.

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