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Government Out Of Control

Bob L.
June 27th 2016

Are these Politicians so afraid of losing their gravy job and all that free money and the laws that protect them from prosecution, and not the Country that they are elected to protect.

All you are hearing any more is they are trying to tear apart our party system or I have more money, is this what it is all about, HAY lets put this Government in their place, and tell them they are not above the law, they are not elected to get rich in that elected office, they are there to protect this Country and not themselves, and they are not there to give them selves runaway wages, period, the people should have a say when and how, much not them.

If you people don’t get off your asses and tell them to stop making laws to discriminate against our freedom, no one has the right to discriminate against any one, but no, the people who went to college are so stupid by passing these laws, what has it done, it has produced more problems, I thought that when you went to college you were there to learn the different s from right and wrong.

I do believe the only reason they grow to college is to brag, and to party hearty, because they sure did not get an education, all they did was learn and show how poor the education system is in this Country when they show that they are nothing but Hippocrates, Racist, and what ever word you can come up with.

Until we get rid of these laws that give some the right to discriminate against others, this Country is going to have one hell of a war that is going to be as bad a what is going on around the world today.

If you want to get right down to it, NO ONE in this Country has any personal freedom any more, Government has you answering to all these Special Interest Groups, and our courts also don’t under stand our laws and the Constitution.

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