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What Is The Matter With Democrats, Greed

Bob L.
April 4th 2017

All you hear from democrats is pass this pass that, do they really know what this and that is, NO, this and that is always pay raises and jobs for education and Government, but where is this education, all I have seen is,teachers get more pay and our children get farther behind the rest of the world, every time people pass a bond for books and maintenance,teachers Union says teachers first, than what is left over, put it where it was supposed to go, if any is left.

Now they are down there in Olympia trying to pass, what a (7) Seven Billion Dollar budget to protect are health and our children and Education, you can not educate without books, and some one who knows how to teach, sure we have some good teachers who are dedicated, but you also have teachers who only want money (union), every one wants that, but you have to earn it, it is not just given to you, that is what they are telling kids, they are telling them to go to college and get a good education come out and you will have a good job waiting for you, sorry life does not work that way, if you believe that, you are as dumb as the ones telling you, there are some who don’t want to go to college.

For these people who don’t want to go to college or have the money to go, they need jobs to, so why are they chasing out or closing down companies where these people can work, if you don’t know it, there are trade schools people where you can get a good education, and not get in debt for ten to twenty years.

To get a good job you have to start at the bottom, plus you have to also learn and not just go to college to party and have a good time, and what I can see is that these people running this country did not learn one thing but party hardy, if they did they would not be trying to destroy it, look around you, how many people are out of work do to people who say they are educated, the only thing that they know is live on free money on the tax payers dime, that is not what make this country great, stealing from the poor to give to the rich, that is the definition of a Democrat, watch the Washington State channel and see who is really standing up for the people of Washington state.

These Democrats say they need to protect out children, how in hell can you protect our children and their health if you are putting people out of work, if people don’t work people don’t buy, or did they not learn that in college, another thing with all these tax increases, what makes them think that the poor and seniors will be able to afford and survive on less, like Food, Rent, Utilities, Insurance, and paying more for prescription drugs, for every dollar you take or put on these people you are putting them closer to death or living on the street, so what is the answer, get rid of free loading companies that can support them selves like, the American non government people have to live on what the average person gets paid.

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And They Talk About Global Warming A Problem, 2,800 Trees

Bob L.
Oct. 31st 2016

These people are so wrapped in global warming, that they can not see that global warming and CO2 start with cutting down all this vegetation, it provides a clean environment and Oxygen while taking in CO2 and purifies the AIR that we breath every day, we need all this vegetation to survive.

I can not believe that people are so dumb and would allow this to happen, or is it that you did not learn any thing in school but, Sex, Partying and Sports, from what I can see today is that school is for a pay check, and NOT EDUCATION, and a big push to play and promote  sports.

I learned in school that you need trees, grass, and water to maintain a good environment, other wise get rid of them you have Global Warming and less Oxygen to breath, take your pick, a desert with no clean air, or a country that is green and healthy with clean air to breath, it is up to you and no one else, so if you let them to keep cutting down all this vegetation, you will have Global Warming.

If this is what you want, less vegetation and more planes polluting the air, go for it but don’t complain when Taxes, Utilities, Fuel go up to fight Global Warming, remember you did it. And remember YOU can not cut any thing down for safety but they can.

[REMINDER: The Port of Seattle’s Community Meeting and Open House on the Flight Corridor Safety Program – intended to remove around 2,800 trees at and around Sea-Tac Airport – is this TUESDAY, Nov. 1, from 6 – 8:30 p.m. at Bow Lake Elementary in SeaTac (map below).

“Removal and replanting of the trees will ensure Sea-Tac complies with all Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations protecting approach and departure surfaces into and out of the airport,” reads an announcement.

The Community Meeting and Open House is intended to provide residents with additional details about the program, including information stations with subject matter experts and an opportunity to offer questions and comments to Port of Seattle Commissioners.

More than 4,000 native, low-height trees will be planted by the Port in the first phase of the three year program to replace approximately 1,200 trees on Port property. The Flight Corridor Safety Program is divided into phases for trees on Port properties, publicly owned and commercial properties, and residential properties.

Overall, the program has identified approximately 2,800 trees to be removed in the three phases based on location: 1,200 trees on Port property, 1,400 on publicly owned or commercial properties (about 1,200 on Washington State Department of Transportation property, many on land set aside for future Hwy 509 expansion), and an estimated 180 on residential properties. Trees on residential properties will not be affected until 2018. Each resident will be contacted and offered a number of alternatives to choose from to best meet their needs.

For more information and Frequently Asked Questions on the program, visit the project webpage here or visit


Event details:

WHAT: Port of Seattle Community Meeting on tree removal plan

WHEN: TUESDAY, Nov. 1, 20166 to 8:30 p.m. – program begins at 7 p.m.

WHERE: Bow Lake Elementary School, 18237 42nd Ave S., SeaTac (map link; also see below).

WHO: Port of Seattle Commissioners and Flight Safety Corridor Program project staff]

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Supporting Racial Profiling

Bob L
Oct. 15th 2016

Teachers who are suppose to be teaching all Americans to work together and stop Racism and Racial Profiling, today are taking sides and dividing this Country even more.

Every teacher who takes sides is showing how racist they are, this shows that they have no intentions of ever stopping hatred toward any one, they are promoting it.

Any one who promotes Racism and racial profiling should be reprimanded and fined a Thousand dollars for the first offense, and add a thousand for each offense after that, that also go’s for any Government organization who takes sides.

We have a Government that takes sides, so as long as this keeps on going we will never get people working to gather and stop racism, this administration has divided this Country so bad, will we ever get this Country out of Slavery, I don’t think so because the people do not have control, the rich are running us, so you are now slaves to the rich and controlled by the Government law makers.

We are a Country started by people smarter that the people we have today who only see DOLLAR SIGNS, not freedom for the people, they only see slaves and how many they can keep under their thumbs to keep them from getting ahead and prove that they are people not their personal slaves.

Come on people lets stop giving out special rights and privileges to a few, remember, we are the builders of this Country, let’s make sure every one has the same equal rights, not just a few, as long as this stays this way we will never be a Country of one working to protect what we have, FREEDOM.

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This Is What Being President Is All About, The Money????

Bob L.
June 21st 2016

Sense when did having more money more important than running this Country, If that is what they are in it for money, then they are not interested in keeping this country safe, it seem that that is all they want, MONEY, MONEY MONEY.

These politicians who live on the taxpayers money and do nothing, that is why they do not want an outsider in office, they fear that they will stop their free ride on the taxpayers dime, it is time to send all these free loaders who do nothing but but protect Special Interest Groups to discriminate on others by laws for them only.

These Politicians don’t give a diddly squat about this Country, and they have no interest in stopping Racism and profiling of people in this Country Legally, they would rather feed and take care of the world than they would Americans here.

 Hillary Clinton Has Much More Money Than Donald Trump, and yes most of it comes from the American people, not out of her own pocket.

At this point I hope non of them running or ran for President, they are nothing but a bunch of crybabies, that goes for the House, the Senate, and the White House, every one of them do not care about America and it’s poor.

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Church And State

Bob L.
Feb. 19th 2016

Fast and quick, DOES ANY ONE really no the difference between Church and State or are you reading it however you see fit, I dare you to sit down and learn the true meaning.

The way I under stand it is, the Government can not get involved in church business, and the church can not get involved in government business, but yet they are both controlled by the people, not the other way around.

Government writes laws to protect all the people, not just some, same for the church, but not to dictate your beliefs on others.

You want freedom of religion, then stop trying  to tell others what to do because you don’t like what they say or do, it is not your place to push your religious beliefs on others, if you don’t like it leave.

We have been living this way for years with no problem, but now we have others trying to change our laws and religion, like I and others say leave until you want to yo want to become a true U.S. Citizen with our laws and religion and not change our Constitution and laws.

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If You Are So Smart, Than Why???

Bob L.  True Facts Or Just For Profit
Sept. 24th 2015

If a College Education is so great, than why is it that?

Every year this Country is getting dumber and letting foreign Countries tell us what to do and how to live?

Our Schools of higher learning for are children are falling behind the rest of the world?

Our Country, the United States of America is going back to being controlled by Foreign rules and laws? Is this NOT why years ago people left foreign rule to start their own rules and laws, known as the United States Constitution of this free Country, to get away from foreign rule of Dictators?

Look what is happening to this Country to-day, Government is dictating their will and powers on the True Legal American Citizen, just to be controlled by Guest to this Country who don’t have any plans to become Legal Citizens and abide by our laws, we are supposed to bend over and kiss their asses.  Is what the Constitution stands for.

Global Warming, Dixie Lee Ray knew how to control it, and not by dumping it on the tax payer for others to profit from it like it is today. (Dixie Lee Ray: The government should set a goal for a clean environment but not mandate how that goal should be implemented. Mankind is considered (by the radical environmentalists) the lowest and the meanest of all species and is blamed for everything.)

Global Warming is every ones responsibility, NOT THE GOVERNMENTS or the RICH to line their own pockets.




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Greedy, Greedy, Pants On Fire

Bob L      Just My Opinion, BUT
May 8th 2015

Is it my imagination, or is it that people today are so greedy that they will do just about any thing to get what they want. It is not Liar, Liar, any more, it is Greedy, Greedy, Give Me, Give Me, well with that attitude, you are getting what you want, HIGHER TAXES, HIGHER PRICES with less take home.

Every time I turn on the news, I see people protesting just about any thing to get what they want, now they want to stop our kids from getting summer job to pay for their next years schools supply’s, and besides keeping them from getting a good work habit so they will know that life is not a hand out, and you have to work for what you get, and not given to you on a silver platter.

Look at what is happening today, the Government is brain washing our kids to the point that if you want any thing, just protest and you will get it free and clear, but how can you get any thing with out an education, oh that is right, to get any thing done, they will bring people in from around the world, they will work cheaper than the American Citizen.

Do you think our kids today are getting the education that they deserve, I my self don’t think so, there is to much testing and not enough in school teaching, most of the education today is sent home in home work, and then go back to school the next day and take a test on what you did in your home work, that is not an education, that is just laziness by the educators today, all you here is more money, more money, then maybe they will teach another year with out picketing for more money.

What happen to Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic, in your head, not on the Computers they have in the schools today, somewhere in all this, there is some one making a profit from the way our kids are being taught, it just looks a little fishy when these kids are falling behind foreign education. WHY IS THAT? WHY ARE OUR KIDS FALLING BEHIND? People to lazy to do any thing about it, but not to lazy to want more for them selves.

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Under Educated Government

Bob L.    Just My Opinion, BUT
Feb.14th 2015



Whose Who Believe in America

For a group of so-called College Educated (Government) people sure don’t know how to Balance their check book, but yet they are always telling the American people to live with in their means and not spend more than they make, and save money, but the Government lives in a different world then the American people, where money grows on trees and is endless and will never run out.

This Government says that we are falling behind in education, we are raising illiterate kids, so they think that throwing more money into higher wages and less kids per class will make smarter kids, that is hogwash, what will make Americans smarter is more class room teaching and less home work. Continue reading

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Destruction of American and the People

Bob L. Just My Opinion But What Do You Think
Dec. 7th 2014
142131-Hey-BabyToday the American people think that Government is their savory, they let them tell you what you are going to Eat and where, where you can go, what your Education is going to be and who you are going to work for, what type of car you are going to drive (electric), who you are going to buy your products from, like Food, what make of Car you are going to drive, Homes, where you can live, Education, you can go on and on, and the Government Agencies don’t care about you, the American people at all, only just what they can get out of it Continue reading

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They Are Not Cutting Any Thing From Their Job, Just People

Bob L.      Just My Opinion
Oct. 24th 2014

Every time you hear of people losing their jobs, you never hear of the top Executive or Board of Directors losing their job, or pay to help make the Company more viable, look how much money they all make, and then they want you the Employee to make concessions so they can keep their pay, Their Fancy Homes, and Health Insurance that they don’t pay their Employees, why, they say they can not afford to, the first place you start is at the TOP then go down the list, it just show how dumb college educated people are, it is them and no one else, THEY CALL THAT GREED.

They say they are losing money, why, because they don’t have a clue of what GREED is, because that college education said they were smart, well just look how smart they are, their brains have just bankrupt their company, and all because of GREED, that college education taught them nothing, and showed just how stupid they really are, and it shows that they don’t know how to run a company profitably, just their greed.

Continue reading

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