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Do They Hear What They Are Saying

Bob L.
Feb. 8th 2018

Washing State!
These People Call Them selves protectors of the state, they don’t care one little bit, they are nothing but Yuppies, Millennial, gen Xers, Gen Zers, people who have to have it, and right now, if you can not get it now, you tax the poor of this state to get what you want.

They are allowing farm land to be taxed and destroyed, once gone, it will be gone and the land will be POLLUTED, Now Where Is The EPA, if it is not taxed, than the EPA comes in and condemns it just so warehouses and homes homes can be built, so close to each other that if one catches fire it will end up being a FOUR ALARM FIRE, and they call you selves protectors of the state and the Washington State Citizens. they only care about the highest paid people who will donate to their campaign, and the hell with every one else.

So I am not a registered voter, BUT I AM A WASHINGTON RESIDENT and expect the same respect as registered voters, I live on a limited income, and I have to pay the same taxes as they do.

You are now letting Cities and Counties pass taxes with out letting the Citizens vote, so why should any one register, you don’t care what they say, you do just what you want any way.

I am 74 and I have seen it so many time in this state where you went against the vote of the people so you could get what YOU wanted, not the people, it is the same story, you don’t know what is good for you, just like POT, now the kids can have it in ways that you did not stop them from getting it, from their parents and the food made with it, and you call your selves Educated, the people who voted against it knew what was going to happen.

You all think that higher teachers pay will make our kids smarter, well every time they went on strike through the years, our education system has gotten poorer not better, that is the answer today, pay them more and give them less work and send the kids home with work that should have been done in school, not home.

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Ground And Water Contamination At What Risk Level!!!

Bob L.
May 1st 2016

Blame the people, the sport fisherman, Native Americans, Global Warming, why don’t we put the blame where it be longs, THE GOVERNMENT, EPA, and the Environmentalists, who says what is going to be put in our water system!!!

Why blame the government for the loss of fish in our rivers and streams, and Oceans, will some have already have found out what our Government Agencies have been doing to the water we drink and use every day, is really safe like they want us to believe, the government does not care, because they do what ever they want without going to or listening to the people.

fishkill_strawberry2_w400_q60HEALTH EFFECTS
There is no EPA mandated Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) for ammonia. However, it has been known, since early in this century, that ammonia (NH3) is toxic to fish and that the toxicity increases with AMMONIA
Fact Sheet: Ammoniaincreasing pH and temperature of the water. In enclosed circulating aquacultural systems, ammoniacal nitrogen produced by the decomposition of excrement and unused food is one of the leading causes of disease and mortality in fish. In oxygen-
poor environments, even a few parts per million of ammoniacal nitrogen can lead to gill damage, hyperplasia, and a substantial reduction in growth rates.
In 2013, EPA has issued a Final Ammonia Criteria for the toxic effect of ammonia for a
quatic life

Chloramine contaminated water,Where does all this water go, it is not hard to under stand that it ends up in our rivers and bays, and aquifer, [any geological formation containing or conducting ground water, especially one that supplies the water for wells, springs, etc.] how about the food we eat, where do they get the water to grow vegetables and feed the meats we eat???

 Chloramine Kills fish, how about people over time, what does it have to do with our health and birth defects???? does any one have a true and straight answer what it will do as time does by, NO ONE can answer that because no one can predict the future, some think they can. What do you think, can you predict your future, when you are going to get sick, become disabled, or when you are going to die????

Any one who thinks they can is not looking out for your safety, they are only thinking about what they can put in their pocket, because people today won’t stand up and say we the people not we the Government, Politicians only think about their pocket book $, $, $, not you or your Health and Safety.

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For Every ACTION There Is A REACTION and YOU Pay for That

Comment By Bob L.
Nov. 14th 2013

Yes for every action there is a reaction, and that reaction is the health of the American people, and the people of the World by Food Contamination (better known as poison to all living things) which in most cases requires WATER, and this Water which is needed to nourish (to sustain with food or nutriment; and supply with what is necessary for life, health, and growth) growth of any food crop, same as it is needed for the human body, then you have foods you depend on that comes out of  Lakes, Rivers, Streams, and Oceans.

I am not a Professor, a Politician, or Environmentalist who take it upon them selves to make decisions on what they think is better for you and the world, these are the people who think that they know better than any one else because it looks good on paper and in books (know it all’s who went to College and came out dumber than they went in), I am just a person just like many who take the time to look at both sides to see the good and bad before going in head first, but no buddy else can see that, but how to make a profit from going forward with it good or bad. Continue reading

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