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What Is the Matter With This Country ToDay

Bob L.
March 20th 2016

I am not for Trump or any one of them, I just wonder why Trump is such a threat to them, and why they are doing every thing under the sun to discredit him, what are they afraid of, giving the power back to the people.

I can not believe what is happening today in this Country, do we not know what is happening, or is it we have become Cowards and Brain Dead because of what we are taught in school today, it says that no one under stands history and what made other Countries fail.

Every day I hear people say take this Country back and live with the Constitution that was written to protect our nation from Dictator Control, you better start looking back at history of our Government and what they have been doing month after month behind closed-door meetings with people other than the Legal Citizens who they are suppose to represent.

The only people who they are representing are the Rich and Businesses around the world along with Special interest who will benefit.

Check your history of who has been and who is now behind the seen that you don’t see, and what they are doing, I believe the reason they don’t want Trump in there is if he becomes President there will no longer be a free loading Government that get any thing that they want with out the will of the people, NO MORE FREE RIDE, they will no longer have all their free money that is tax-free.

People today are being led around today with a ring in their nose and ear plugs in their ears so they can’t hear the truth, oops sorry LIES they spread, this Presidential race is the worst, Obama’s was bad but not as bad as this one, WHY ARE THEY ALL SO AFRAID OF TRUMP, is it that he will take their hold of the people away from them, here is a little video of what they have been doing behind closed doors since the Eighties to today and who is involved.      Watch the whole thing. Stop saying O WELL it is our Country not theirs, and not the worlds.

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