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Who Is Running This Country

Bob L.
March 28th 2017

Bald Eagle is not safe any more, let alone the flag.

Who is running this Country, Special Interest Groups, LBGT, Black lives Matter, Lawyers, Judges, Muslims, Atheists, boy it sure is not for the American Citizens and their safety, every one of these groups are trying to tell you what to do, and the Judges Lawyers and Government are protecting them, remember, what do they keep saying all are created equal, not any more, if you are not in one of these groups, you don’t have a legal leg to stand on, so bend over.

It is bad when Lawyers and a Judges who are supposed enforce the laws are now breaking the laws and changing the Constitution to suit themselves, and all these groups, I bet if the Legal American citizen were to go out and do what these Judges and lawyers are doing, they would find themselves in jail be-four you could say I am doing just what you are doing, writing the law to benefit my self, so what is the difference.

The Law Is The Law, and if they will not be enforced, than they should be held liable for obstruction of the law just like every one else would be, and charged as Accessary to the crime committed, they keep saying NO ONE is above the law, and can not take the law in their own hands, well that is not what it looks like now, looks like any one can write the laws today, so why do we need Lawyers and Judges, they only protect the guilty, not the law-abiding citizens.

If they don’t start enforcing the laws , than the people had better stock up on Guns and Ammunition, and get what ever you can to protect your self, the war is about to start in this country, lets say it has already started by trying to take away your rights to protect your self.

And then you have an ex President who thinks he is still President trying to stop Government from doing their job with the help of the Democrats, who don’t care about the Legal American Citizens Health and Safety, they are only trying to find a way to take over the Government as fast as they can, (they call that a Dictator) and by doing this they are opening this country to World War 3 on American soil, from what I can see is, they don’t care what happens here, just as long as they get what they want.

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You Can Blame Smoking For Nearly 3 in 10 Cancer Deaths

Bob L.
Oct 24th 2016

I guess it is not going to go down because people who quite Cigarettes then picked up smoking Pot are going to get cancer, just think you will be one of those statistics with health problems.

No one has any way knowing what the outcome will be for smoking and eating pot, as long as people do it, the rich will be hauling in big money at your expense and health, smoke and shorten your life, and you have no one to blame but your self.

You can blame cigarettes for nearly 3 in 10 cancer deaths in the U.S., study says

Then the government has the nerve to say after passing it, don’t worry if you get hooked, we will walk you through recovery, the government does not care if you get hooked, they are only looking at what it brings in taxes, not what you are going to pay in medical bills, this same goes for alcohol,TAXES. If you get in an accident, are they going to protect you from getting Sued, Losing Your License, and maybe your job, and even death, NO it does not bring them any money in, except for fines.

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Child Abuse

Bob L.
April 18 2016

imagesI was asked if I believed what Some Doctors call child abuse because Parents are not teaching their kids the difference from right or wrong, well basically Gay and Non Gay, I think you get the picture.

I believe that the parents should not be held accountable for what Society, Television, Church’s and Children’s Programing today tell these kids, Parents today are having a hard enough time trying to keep from being brought up on abuse for every thing under the sun, some because that child is mad at their parents.

I do say that parents are about twenty percent (20%) responsible and no more, like I say, Society, Television, Church’s, Government, all areas are responsible.

A child who complains is usually mad at their parents, a Child who has to be asked what happen is usually the one who is being abused, because they are afraid of what will happen when their guardians find out they said some thing, and will be punished.

Look what happens when Government hears about abuse, they go in with guns Blazing, throwing their weight around and prosecute, but when a child is really being abused they do very little, look how many Children die each year because Government does very little to protect them, this is what you call a double standard, protect the lier and ignore truth.


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Dumb Ass Jackasses

Bob L.
April 18th 2016

I can not believe how dumb people have gotten just to get their way, WHY, how many Rapist and pedophiles are going to say that they are now gay just so they can go into women’s bathroom and locker room, just because a group has a right to discrimination.

TIME IS COMING people, and you will regret it when it is too late.

In time things are going to come tumbling down but not at first, but down the road things are going to put Women and Children in harm’s way, what is the matter with people today, they all became brain-dead and could care less of what will happen.

You have people in Government today that are so afraid of insulting some one so they won’t get reelected, is that what is all about, working for the Government, they are passing laws that put people in harm’s way, they are not in there to protect the people.

Government tells people to stop smoking, but yet they pass a law that lets people smoke vips and marijuana and then go out and drive like drinking, already kids who won’t get it are into it, what is it going to take to get their heads out of their ass and look at what is coming, or are they just so uneducated that they are stupid and have no idea what they are doing.

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Who Is Saving Money With Government Lights?????

Bob L.          Just My opinion, BUT  I Am Not Saving Money With these Lights, the more I cut my usage the higher my bill goes.
June 6th 2015

imagesOur Government is so into our pockets, they say to help protect us from scams, but it is alright for them to impose scams on us every day and every year, but to them it is nothing more than them helping them selves to our Savings Accounts, Retirement, and our every day cash that we need to pay our bills.

They pass laws that say we have to have MANDATORY Expensive Health Insurance, Expensive Mandatory Car Insurance, and now we have to have mandatory LIGHT BULBS that are unsafe, unhealthy and Deadly, if the Government cared about the Legal American Citizen, they would not be helping the Rich put Americans out of work by bring in people from around the world, or put in computers in stores to put people out of work here, no wonder people are getting lazy and don’t want to work, all they have to do is sit back and live off every one else, the Government started it, the Government can stop it, and the Government can get people back to work, if they really believed and cared about this Country.

CFL’s can start fires by not getting proper ventilation, or if you put them on a dimmer, they can kill you if you break one and don’t follow EPA guide lines, did the Government tell you that when the made it a law that you had to discontinue using incandescent bulbs and start using CFL bulbs, did they tell you that the money you save will go to higher light bills, because the Utilities Companies will lose money by you going to these lower cost cutting lights.

Did the Government tell you that this is another way for the Power Companies to raise their rates by adding more taxes, by adding a provider fee for service to your home along with the usage that you used each month, NOW, that provider fee cost you more than the amount that you used, boy what a savings that we now gave our selves by doing what the Government is doing for us, I don’t know about you, but lives of people on a set income each month can not take it much longer, but my self I will be without power if they keep raising it, but then they will pass a law and say that it is not healthy and you will have to have it whether you can afford it or not, just like Obamacare, Car Insurance, and now LIGHT BULBS.

How many more scams are the people going to let the Government get away with before they put a stop to it, never, as long as the YUPPIES and the Millennial’s keep getting what they want, things will not change, but get worse.

Go to You Tube and look up the Dirty Truth about CFL Bulbs, 1, 2, and 3, then see what you think, is the Government Protecting us or are they lining the pockets of the RICH, well, they are not protecting us.


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Treat Pot Like Booze and Tax It

Bob L.    Just My opinion
Feb. 26th 2015

Treat Pot Like Booze and Tax It, why not tax it like Tobacco, people smoke it like a Cigarette, so tax it as what it really is, Tobacco, just as deadly as Cigarettes and Booze, both kill the same, booze and pot people can not control what they are doing when high, and Pot and Tobacco, kill with second-hand smoke, so they both should be taxed high to help pay for Obamacare.

What is good for one is good for both, and the money they put in for drug abuse that is being promoted by United States Governments, that should be used to help pay for Medicaid, not drug abuse, there would not be drug abuse if the Government was doing their job that they are being paid to do, instead they throw parties, hand out Bonuses’ plus their wages, NO Government Employee deserve Bonuses’ or Cost of Living for what they get paid a year, every private Citizen would like to get paid what Government Employees get.

Just think of the Jobs that will be lost because of Safety and not being able to pass a drug screening to work on jobs that requires a safe environment for all, in a factory or on the Highway because people can not do their job safely, because they are high on a drug or Alcohol.

New Bills in Congress Would Treat Pot Like Booze and Tax It

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These People Pass Laws To Protect, REALLY

Bob L.    Just My Opinion, BUT.
12 02 2014

Democrats say they are Leaders of this Country, not Republicans, and they are selling out the Country and the people, WOW, and the people are helping them do it with no questions asked.

These People Pass Laws that the Police are suppose to Enforce and to Protect the people, REALLY, it looks like they are MOCKING the LAW, and the Constitution.

These are people who tell you that vigilantes break the law, but it looks like these Democrats are promoting it, SO is that what Democrats stand for, breakers of the law, and they are so arrogant, they stand there and LAUGH about what they are doing.


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Only Hypocrites Think Cigarette’s Are Bad Not Pot

Bob L.    Just My Opinion, But Only Hypocrites Are Never Wrong. 
Nov. 28th 2014

thHypocrites are never wrong about any thing, they only follow other hypocrites who think thCAR6PX04that their shit does not stink, and they are always right, why did they pass a law about Cigarettes being bad for you and unhealthy but a drug is good for you and healthy (double standard), well it looks like Colorado is now having second thoughts about what they passed.

How many people are going to die early in life do to bad judgment, for them selves or kill others in accidents on the road or at work, how many are going to use a Hospital more often than not, aren’t you glad you now have Obamacare to fall back on, I thought Obamacare was to keep people healthier and out of over use of health care.

Governments GREED for money is more important than then Public Safety

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Senior Housing A Government Joke

Bob L.        Just My Opinion         Senior Housing Nothing But For Profit Only.
June 20th 2014

People think that minimum wage is the most abused people in the United States, but the ones that are losing the most are the Seniors, the Government thinks nothing of taking advantage of them, you have people who don’t make a lot of income, they don’t have a retirement to supplement what they get like some, especially in Government Jobs and Large Companies.

Some seniors have to depend just on Social Security charity to survive, so the Government thinks they don’t deserve a cost of living like they do, they think that they can live on less than minimum wage, to pay for a Roof Over Their Heads, Buy Food, Insurance, and now these Senior Apartments want them to also pay for their Utilities, just go out and price these places that say they are housing for Seniors, they are only for Seniors who have the money.

The Government now expect them to pay more for their Medical and Insurance, it is not just the average person who has lost control of their Health Insurance by jacking them up to give free medical for FREE LOADERS who refuse to go look for work or just won’t work, why should they the Government pays them to stay home, but yet they say that Seniors are the biggest draw for taxes, I think they need to look at what they Pay Them Selves and all their Perks they get when they Retire.

Where I am living now, we had a meeting and a question was brought up about if dogs were allowed to be where food was being served, management said it was the law that service dogs can go anywhere, without any restrictions, well that is fine, but what they would not do is set aside a place where dogs could be to kept away from people who are afraid of or have a medical problem, so what they are doing is telling people, if they have a problem, they are not welcome to participate when they have a BBQ for the tenants, now is the way to treat people who live in these Senior Apartments that charge high rent plus Utilities.

I think that the Government should spend more time into looking for more ways to help all people who don’t have a chance of getting ahead monetarily, and these are the people who are getting the shaft every time they turn around.

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How Well Do You Trust Your Government Liers

Comment By Bob L.
Sept. 21st 2013

Do You Trust Your Government hypocrites to tell you the truth when it comes to what is happening in this Country, if so then why? If so CAN YOU tell the American People why the Government can be trusted.

For years the Government covered up that they were using the People living in Richland Washington and the surrounding Area as Guinea pigs for radiation testing to see what would happen if it leaked out into the air. 

And now we have pretty much the same thing going on with Obamacare, they are using the American People to profit off it, as well as Global Warming so they can make a profit from buying and selling Carbon Futures, why else do you thing all these people are pushing for it to become Law, GREED at your expense.

When it comes to Obamacare, these people who passed it didn’t even know what was in it until now, that is why they have exempted themselves and Government Worker from have to take it, BIG Profit from the insurance Companies who helped them write it, actually WHO wrote it, that is why they said you had to pass it if you wanted to know what was in it, they did not know, and now they have EGG On Their Faces and can not back out now and say they were wrong. 

If this article is true, then it show that our Government will do any thing to keep the American people in the dark from knowing what they are  doing or covering up.


North Carolina almost scene of nuclear nightmare

KIRO 7 – Reuters contributed to this report
Saturday, Sept. 21, 2013

North Carolina almost scene of nuclear nightmare



LONDON (AFP) – The US Air Force came dramatically close to detonating a huge atomic bomb over North Carolina in 1961, according to a newly declassified document published by Britain’s Guardian newspaper on Saturday. Two hydrogen bombs were accidentally dropped over the city of Goldsboro, North Carolina on January 23, 1961 when the B-52 plane carrying them broke up in mid-air, according to the file. Continue reading

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