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Electric Cars, Look Out For What You Ask For

Bob L.
May 11th 2018

They say that people are looking more to buying ELECTRIC cars, but has any one looked at what your cost will be in the end, what if your car dies away from a charging hub? and how about the safety of others, like if it catches fire, that is a lot of voltage if there is water involved, that would be like grabbing an electrical wire, so where is the safety?

Well how about replacing BAD BATTERIES? What will it cost to install a CHARGING STATION? and do you think that the cost of Electricity will remain cheep, NO ,it will be just like any thing else, like Gas, Diesel, and Propane, They went UP, and then, what is the state going to charge for the LOSS OF THE GAS TAX  and Vehicle License.

Now for the big Question, what is it going to cost to park, you know that not all utilities will charge the same, and that same thing, what is the State, Counties, and Cities going to charge for the use being they will also loss that gas tax, look at what Seattle is now charging to get more money to waste.

Just because they eliminated liquid fuels you really think that it will be cheaper to operate, if you do than you did not learn any thing in school and college, oh that is right you are only interested in Girls, or Boys, Booze Party’s, and Protesting, you never really went to get an Education.

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Does Head Count Tax Go For All In Seattle???

Bob L.
April 19th 2018

Lets see, they say large employers pay a HEAD COUNT TAX, does that go for even the city that employs a LARGE NUMBER on their pay roll, (whats good for one, is good for all, you can not keep passing laws to protect your selves, they say that NO ONE is above the LAW), or is it just for the Private Sector.

When and if that head tax does go through, it will be profit for them in the end, like a tax break just like they get in federal tax loop holes where they get most of their money back, you know there are tax loop holes for large companies, not MOM and POP businesses.

Every year you hear about a Government or so Politician caught not paying their taxes, but when they do pay them there are no penalties, why is that, well it could be the laws that they pass are not for them.

You see Government does not care one little bit what happens to the Legal Citizens, if they did, they would not be selling our jobs to non citizens year after year.

Seattle businesses send message to city council on taxes


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Media ‘The Enemy Of The American People’

Bob L.
Feb. 18th 2017

I my self would have to agree with the media being the enemy of the people, you read the papers, you watch TV, you see news for Special Interest Groups, like LGBT, BLM, Muslims, Sports, Fluff news, and Commercials, but when it comes to the safety and information about the safety of this country, it is about a thirty-second mention.

This country spends more on every thing than it does on Education, look at the news and what do you see Millions on sports, Highways, especially in Seattle and King County, and then turn around and say we need Mass Transit, but yet they keep widening the highways, that money could go into mass transit and education, not bigger highways to get people to and from all these Sports Arenas, and then they build them in the most contested areas.

And, another question comes to mind, why is this country spending so much money for refuges and illegals, and giving them jobs, and telling the unemployed in this country that there are no jobs available for them, but will hire non citizen for these jobs, I call that discrimination in reverse.

It is no longer called in this country, all are created equal, when you give others special privilege over others, the Constitution does not give any one to have privileges over other, and this goes for the Government as well, the law is for all not just when you want it to benefit others.

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What Is Williams Annual Rate Of Pay?????

Bob L.
Oct. 22nd 2016

It makes me wonder what these people think when they make a statement that  the economy “essentially at” full employment, where do these people get their information, the Democratic administration that believes that no one is unemployed in this country, Obamacare is a good example of this lying.

Convince the people who are losing now, and will lose even more if done.

Fed’s Williams wants rate hike this year as wages rise

This just proves that they can say that 2 + 2= 10, but the problem is, the unemployment is 5% because people collecting unemployment are no longer on the roll, (they run out), Government does not want to admit it, if they did, that would mean that they are lying to the American people, they can not do that because they are not doing their job that they promised that they would do to get people back to work, if they don’t, put them on the street unemployed with NO benefits like they you.

Why are they not telling you the truth about what the real unemployment is, do you no why?????? It would look bad and that the Government agencies don’t want you to know.

What I can see that they want to sell this Country to the highest bidder, and then the CONSTITUTION can be ERASED to what they are trying to do right now, one more year of Obama politics, this country will be under control a DICTATOR who will have full control of what you will get paid, where you will live, and how much you will pay them, if you can not pay than you will no longer be useful to them.

Prices on good will be? lets put it this way, I will let you finish that question, you can ether live on the streets to have some thing to eat and wear, or live with a roof over your head and starve, JUST like now, but worse.

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Who Are The Racist Ones In This Country

Bob L.
June 15th 2016

d4e018e1b5a560766c902e1a94315fb4Look who is calling who a racist, I am getting tired of all these people going out and getting Special Treatment to protect themselves from harassment from others and calling it Bigotry, Racism, or what ever word they want to call it, but YOU are the ones who are the Bigot and racist.

These people are the ones who are Discriminating against others, how many from Mexico, or any where in the world and became American Citizens, just to lose their rights to that freedom for why they came here, just kiss some one else s ass and give up their freedom for them.

How many jobs have been lost because of them coming here, or being brought here to take these jobs for lower wages for these companies to charge higher prices to the consumer for their stock holders and their wages, and who backing these Special Groups who have been given the rights to discriminate against you.

I my self am getting tired of all these people and organizations telling me what to say, how to live, where to live, what jobs I can have, what Religion I must be, all because I am a Legal  American Citizen who has to live by their rules, not by the laws of the United States Constitution.

This is supposed to be the land of opportunity and freedom, not the land of Dictator ship, if you want to live with out Racist, or bigot remarks, keep your mouths shut and live like the rest of us (under Government rules and regulations), then you won’t have to worry about what other have to say, BUT NO, you can not keep your mouths shut, you have to change every thing and every one to your way of thinking, SO WHO really who are the Bigots, and Racist.

I don’t care if you want to rune your life, but don’t tell me I have to live by your rules and laws, you can stick them up your ever-loving A–.

This is America, the Land Of Opportunity and the free, so if you are worried about Bigotry, and Racism, START by looking at all your Government Agencies, and Special Interest Groups, before you call Eighty percent (80%) of Americans Bigots, and Racist, and what ever word you want to use.

I am White, and I was born here and have had to live  with being a slave to Government Rules, Regulations and company rules, and will till the day I DIE, so don’t talk about past slavery, it still is going on today, every thing you do, every thing you say, it is that plain and simple, you will never get away from it till the day YOU DIE, and they will still get you even when you are died.

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How Many College Grads To Run This Country, Thousand’s

Bob L.  I might not have a Diploma from any school, but I and thousand’s of others in this Country can see who has the poorest of Education.
March 26th 2015

Just my Opinion, BUT, Just How Many College Grads Does it Take To Say How Many Are Working And How Many Can No Longer Get Unemployment, DUH, It looks Like More Than You Can Count On Your Toes And Fingers.

If you look at statics through the years, Government is in that category of STUPID, and the people who believe in every word that they say.

These people are the same ones who keep putting these people back into office year after year, now who are the stupid ones, liars and the believers of the liars.

Until people get a true education and learn, there will always be people who don’t know what they did not learn in school, from the first grade to college, it used to be a person became a Millionaire who had an eight grade education, today it seems that the only way to become a Millionaire, is with a gold spoon in your mouth, not an education, and again DUH.

It does not take a Brain Surgeon to see who is running this Country, the, well you already know, because you are the ones not being claimed on the unemployed list, what is it, 60% not claimed as Unemployed??

Continue reading

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A Sucker Is Born Every Minute (Lied To)

Bob L.    Just My Opinion, BUT
Jan. 26th 2015

P.T. Barnum could not have said it any better when it comes to people who don’t stand up to a corrupt Government, a sucker is born every minute. oppressive government is more to be feared than a gun, a gun ends it now, a Government delays it for years. You can go on and see just how stupid people are today to let this all happen, and they can not say it is from a lack of education, it come from people who don’t care about the United States Constitution, because they have had it to good all these years, now from being stupid, they don’t know what to do now, so they did not learn one thing in school or college. Continue reading

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Typical Politician, Increases Government Jobs $$$

Bob L. Just My Opinion, BUT!!
01 11th 2015


Here we are again starting a new year, and what is the first thing on their agenda? could it be Taxes, why yes, why would it be any different then usual.Government_-_Spending

We have nothing but politicians who want nothing more than fill their wallets from favors from the Rich and the Special Interest Groups, oh we can not forget some unions.

See they want to raise the gas tax, why the price is not where they want it, but the tax has not changed, it is still the same as it was when the gas was at Four or Five Dollars ($4.00) a Gallon, no matter where the price is the tax stays the same, the problem is that they are so educated that they are Stupid, they can not see their nose in front of their face. Continue reading

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They Are Not Cutting Any Thing From Their Job, Just People

Bob L.      Just My Opinion
Oct. 24th 2014

Every time you hear of people losing their jobs, you never hear of the top Executive or Board of Directors losing their job, or pay to help make the Company more viable, look how much money they all make, and then they want you the Employee to make concessions so they can keep their pay, Their Fancy Homes, and Health Insurance that they don’t pay their Employees, why, they say they can not afford to, the first place you start is at the TOP then go down the list, it just show how dumb college educated people are, it is them and no one else, THEY CALL THAT GREED.

They say they are losing money, why, because they don’t have a clue of what GREED is, because that college education said they were smart, well just look how smart they are, their brains have just bankrupt their company, and all because of GREED, that college education taught them nothing, and showed just how stupid they really are, and it shows that they don’t know how to run a company profitably, just their greed.

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Greed Is Not Going To Help When You Become A Senior

By Bob L.   Just my opinion, but this is fact, greed now is not going to help when you turn SIXTY FIVE.
May 8th 2014

You think you can not live on $7.50 an hour, wait until you become a senior, you will not find any housing you can afford, you will be lucky if you can own a car, you will be lucky if you can afford to buy food for your self and your wife, and the worst thing about it is if there are two of you, then you will be thankful that you knew how to live on less, but to let greed run your life, this Country is in for a big fall.

The Democrats are going to be all over this so they will get reelected, then go back to being a politician and working for the greedy wealthy class like them selves and not the people, so do you want this Country back or a DICTATOR Government telling you what you are going to eat or what you are going to drive, and where you are going to live, come on people open up your eyes, stop letting the Government, Courts, and people who don’t like out Constitution and laws that we have lived by for years, and our flag is our flag and should not be discriminated against in any way, many of our people have died protecting that flag, so defend it and the Constitution.

All greed does is hurt the kids coming up and what they will do for jobs if there are any left to find, you all forget it is the rich that is controlling how much you get paid, not you but the RICH and  GOVERNMENT, have you seen the Government  control the rich and how much they will pay them selves, like they have the working class, NO they are the Rich.

Dig deep, back in the late sixties Government set a standard on how much a person on strike could bargain for, because the rich were complaining it was cutting into THEIR wage package and profits, that was THREE PERCENT A YEAR total, now how far do you think that this minimum wage is going to sail and still have jobs after it is all said and done.

THE ONLY WAY IS to go after the rich who are keeping people from getting a better wage, so why not protest for lower wages for the rich, then you will see where these Companies can afford a better wage, and the best HEALTH CARE FOR ALL WORKING PEOPLE.

SO LETS GO AFTER CORPORATE AND BOARD MEMBERS PAY, then get good pay for all, from the young and the Senior so every one will have a life and not live on the street unless that is what you want to do.

Until we get the rich out of the White House and put the people back in control, things will get worse, we need to get people out who live on race baiting to keep this Country fighting each other, we need to go arm in arm and tell this Government and these race baiters to go to hell, this is a diverse of many people, and we should work together, not against each other, and if not, go back to where you come from, we don’t need people in this Country who do not like the way the United States Constitution is set, this is a free Country and lets keep it this way. 


Fast-food workers threaten global wage protests next week

By Lindsay Dunsmuir

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Fast-food workers plan strikes in 150 cities across the United States and protests in 33 other countries on May 15 to demand higher pay and better working conditions, organizers said in New York on Wednesday. Continue reading

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