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Global Warming

Bob L.
Feb. 3rd 2017

I Don't See One Air Plain In This Picture

I Don’t See One Air Plain In This Picture

Global Warming, where do you start, lets start with the Government, and people who want to profit off the backs of the people, like Stocks, Utilities, Gas, Natural Gas, Water, yes Governments profit because they own all the water rights, even the rain, Utilities regulate how you are going to light your home or business, and how much water you can use.

Now why are they not talking about air craft, every year more air craft is put in the air, now I would say that contributes to a third of global warming, but it seems that profiteers over look that part of warming, there again stocks and profit.

If global warming is so important than why are they allowing bigger and more air craft in the air, how about rail and use Electricity to power them, oh wait that would mean they would have to provide more power than wind mills could provide, same for commuter travel, stop building larger and bigger highway and spend that money in mass transit.

Today they are making people pay for large transit systems, in some cases like Tacoma, Seattle, and how many more paying for Two and Three Transit Companies all doing the same thing, why do we need that many when one would do, we all should be paying for just ONE, not

two-three or even four.

Look back years and look at all the tracks that were torn up in cities that said they did not need them, well they have pulled them plus abandoned rail systems up, why, they all could have been used for commuter systems, look at Tacoma, Seattle, rails that were used back in the day are now being put back in when they could have been still been used, don’t they all run by Electricity, not diesel.

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And They Talk About Global Warming A Problem, 2,800 Trees

Bob L.
Oct. 31st 2016

These people are so wrapped in global warming, that they can not see that global warming and CO2 start with cutting down all this vegetation, it provides a clean environment and Oxygen while taking in CO2 and purifies the AIR that we breath every day, we need all this vegetation to survive.

I can not believe that people are so dumb and would allow this to happen, or is it that you did not learn any thing in school but, Sex, Partying and Sports, from what I can see today is that school is for a pay check, and NOT EDUCATION, and a big push to play and promote  sports.

I learned in school that you need trees, grass, and water to maintain a good environment, other wise get rid of them you have Global Warming and less Oxygen to breath, take your pick, a desert with no clean air, or a country that is green and healthy with clean air to breath, it is up to you and no one else, so if you let them to keep cutting down all this vegetation, you will have Global Warming.

If this is what you want, less vegetation and more planes polluting the air, go for it but don’t complain when Taxes, Utilities, Fuel go up to fight Global Warming, remember you did it. And remember YOU can not cut any thing down for safety but they can.


[REMINDER: The Port of Seattle’s Community Meeting and Open House on the Flight Corridor Safety Program – intended to remove around 2,800 trees at and around Sea-Tac Airport – is this TUESDAY, Nov. 1, from 6 – 8:30 p.m. at Bow Lake Elementary in SeaTac (map below).

“Removal and replanting of the trees will ensure Sea-Tac complies with all Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations protecting approach and departure surfaces into and out of the airport,” reads an announcement.

The Community Meeting and Open House is intended to provide residents with additional details about the program, including information stations with subject matter experts and an opportunity to offer questions and comments to Port of Seattle Commissioners.

More than 4,000 native, low-height trees will be planted by the Port in the first phase of the three year program to replace approximately 1,200 trees on Port property. The Flight Corridor Safety Program is divided into phases for trees on Port properties, publicly owned and commercial properties, and residential properties.

Overall, the program has identified approximately 2,800 trees to be removed in the three phases based on location: 1,200 trees on Port property, 1,400 on publicly owned or commercial properties (about 1,200 on Washington State Department of Transportation property, many on land set aside for future Hwy 509 expansion), and an estimated 180 on residential properties. Trees on residential properties will not be affected until 2018. Each resident will be contacted and offered a number of alternatives to choose from to best meet their needs.

For more information and Frequently Asked Questions on the program, visit the project webpage here or visit www.portseattle.org/safecorridor.


Event details:

WHAT: Port of Seattle Community Meeting on tree removal plan

WHEN: TUESDAY, Nov. 1, 20166 to 8:30 p.m. – program begins at 7 p.m.

WHERE: Bow Lake Elementary School, 18237 42nd Ave S., SeaTac (map link; also see below).

WHO: Port of Seattle Commissioners and Flight Safety Corridor Program project staff]

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Six Story High Rise Apartments????

Bob L.
Oct. 19th 2016

Six Story High Rise Apartments Or More, Winners, Local Governments income, taxes, Utilities, Losers, the People, Rents, Taxes, Utilities, Gridlock (gas used).

I have a good suggestion, why not build these apartments, not in single family areas, build them next to these people who want them, like the developers, and the Politicians homes, and let these other people who have lived in single family zoned areas, live there in peace, I know you can not do that, because you don’t want them in you area, like the old saying, not by my home, well every one else has to put up with it, so should them, what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

No one is exempt from the law they make by rezoning just so Developers and Politicians get what they want, I know lets take their home and give them 20% under fair market value like they do when they want to take your land away, or use eminent-domain if they don’t want to sell, other way steal a person’s home for their profit.

Every time you turn around city and county planners keep pushing people out of their home, not for progress, but MONEY in their pockets, why don’t you just let people live in their homes and not be taxed out of them if you Government agencies don’t get your way.

These planners don’t have any idea what they are doing, look at what they have done in places that they let malls and mini malls go in, heavy traffic in and out of, in other words gridlock, how do they deal with gridlock, more traffic lights, and wider roads, and with this, and they have the gull (to deceive, trick, or cheat) to complain about global warming, and then putting people out of work.

If you spend more than you Make, cut your highest paid people s wages, they don’t seem to know what they are doing any way.

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Earth Tilting Thanks to Climate Change Or Nuclear Testing

Bob L.
April 13th 2016

imagesAs years have gone by, I can remember that they were saying back in the nineteen Fifties that earth was knocked off its Axis because of all the nuclear testing, now today they are using it as Global Warming, how soon people forget passed history, that is because today people have been brain washed to believe the Government is never wrong, and this shows just how dumb people have become.

In the end there will be winners, and losers, Winners the Rich, Losers the People, as usual, how else can it end.

Today people have become so lazy, they will not lift a hand to protect what they have, FREEDOM, if they keep letting the Government run wild, this will come to and end and you will never get it back, the problem is they are giving some more freedom than others, and what are you coming up with DISCRIMINATION to all. Continue reading

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Consider Nation’s First Carbon Emissions Tax

Bob L.
Feb 28th 2016

Lets start with greed, lining their pockets, then history, how did the first people here in the United States get around, no Gas, Propane, Natural Gas, Coal, no Oil, what did they use to heat, cook, light their way, Natural Resources, Wood, and how did they Travel, their Feet along with Horses, then came horse and wagon. Did they have a way to get oil from fat from animals? Maybe.

Now this Country wants to charge a tax on Carbon fuel,
[The grass-roots group Carbon Washington — which gathered more than 350,000 signatures to qualify the initiative — says a carbon tax is the best way to reduce emissions and tackle global warming. It says the tax encourages people and businesses to switch to cleaner energy by making fossil fuels more expensive.]

They say it will be more affordable for the working poor,
[The proposal is designed to be “revenue neutral,” meaning that though tax revenues would increase for fossil fuels, it would mostly be offset by a decrease in other tax revenues. (never happen remember greed) In this case, revenues would be returned to people and businesses by cutting the state sales tax by one point, (notice who it will really benefitvirtually eliminating business taxes for manufacturers and providing rebates for working families, supporters say.]

Now come to the bottom line, Utilities will go higher, take one power company, they charge costumers double, they charge a meter fee, a delivery fee, and a customer charge, they bill every two month so if your meter fee is Two Hundred ($200.00) your Delivery fee will be One Ninety Five ($195.00), that makes Three Ninety Five ($395.00) + Customer charge of Twenty one ($21.00) total $405.00 for two months with only Five days to pay it or pay a late fee. Now does that sound like it will be cheaper by charging a Carbon tax on Gas, Natural Gas, and Power to heat your home and business, it is just another way to line the pockets of the rich, and Government workers.

Now the Whole story.

Continue reading

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Very Stupid They Are

Bob L.   This is more than my OPINION, it is actually observation of the stupid.

Environmentalist are doing every thing to help Governments to shut down this world for the name of going green, better known as lining the pockets of the Politicians, Stock Holders of large Companies, and Governments.

Environmentalist are doing what ever to ban Fossil Fuels, what are fossils? They are fuels that run an engine, better known as Gasoline, Diesel, Propane, Kerosene for portable lights, Coal for Power Plants, Natural Gas, Oh yes and last but not least, Fuel that powers your Planes, Hypocrites have got to have their planes to get around the world to spread their hate.

Environmentalist are using just actually what they are trying to stop other people from using, like Boats, Cars, Trains, Planes, and Bicycles, what makes these Bicycles, Cars and Pickups, Planes, Trucks that bring you every thing from Gas, Food, Water, Cars, Planes, Bicycles that don’t pay for highway taxes, sales tax yes, road tax NO.

SO now who is the Stupid, the hypocrite, and the person who does not know what they are talking about just to make a profit off the backs of the working poor.


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Kill Grandma, Grandpa, and the Disabled

Bob L.      Just My Opinion, BUT
May 21st 2015

Back when Obama was running for office he was pretty straightforward in letting every one know that he was not out to kill Grandma, Grandpa, or the Disabled, look at what has happen in these past few years, Governments have taken medical away from them and given it to the less needy, have given or working on giving Government workers raises and cost of living, that include Teachers and the Private Sector on slave wages, that includes raising minimum wage to Fifteen Dollars ($15.00) an hour, BUT.

What have they done for the Grandma, Grandpa, and the Disabled, they have cut their Medical, cut cost to a descent living wage, well you are probably the ones saying to your self, quit whining, well I don’t see any one else giving up their pay increases and whining that they are not getting paid enough, or with the cost of living going up faster than their wages.  

People who don’t have big retirements are now struggling to keep a Roof over their heads, buy Food, Clothing, and what ever they need to survive, you know people today are so greedy that they don’t even have any consideration for their elders, let alone their Children, the only thing that they want is a job that pays them to stay at home and get paid to do nothing, Oh they already do that and complain that they are not getting enough, and now the States are getting in the act to make it harder to survive for the low paid and out of work people.

So now here it comes, the people who are making money don’t care what happens to any one else as long as it does not affect them, so kill any one who gets in the way of their income, Two Articles below two show just that. Continue reading

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Run Your Ass Is On Fire From Just Sitting On It

Bob L.      Just My Opinion Short And Sweet, BUT
May 6th 2015

People today are just sitting on their asses and doing nothing about what this Government, Corporations, and Unions are doing to this Country.

Today Government is more into putting people out of work and calling it Global Warming, they have no respect for any legal U.S. Citizen to have a job, they would rather put Americans out of work and hire people from around the world, is this not true?

Look around and see how many work visas are handed out every year to people coming here hired by Companies who are having their employee’s train them to take their jobs, and what is this Country doing about it, bending over backwards to accommodate them, so who are these people sitting with all this power to get buy with it, Cities, Counties, States, and Federal employees who you keep voting in, who are traveling abroad to get them to come here with offers of jobs, WOW, so much for American jobs.

People today have no room to complain because they don’t have a job, they are letting the Government get away with it and are doing nothing about it, they would rather sit around and be a freeloader and live off the lucky ones who still have a job, Well being a freeloader will eventually bite you in the ASS.

Stop letting the Government and the Unions do your bidding, they only care about the money, not you, every time you get a raise they get a raise, so where did that money go to that you got? (Union Dews, and Taxes). Are the unions saving your jobs, or are they allowing people coming into this Country to walk in to these jobs that you are losing???

I am not saying unions are all bad, but they are more now for Money and control, just like the Government is doing today, controlling every thing you do, just get up off your FAT ASS and lets get this Country back to the Legal United States American Citizen, not Corporate or Government, let’s get jobs, not Global Warming, jobs first then lets work on Global Warming.

Which is more important today, jobs or losing them to the Environmentalist, Rich, and Government Employees to profit at the stock market while you and your children starve and keep a roof over your heads, eventually the Government is going to take away all this free-living that these free loaders are living on, and then where will you be, no job and a cardboard box called home.

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Destruction of American and the People

Bob L. Just My Opinion But What Do You Think
Dec. 7th 2014
142131-Hey-BabyToday the American people think that Government is their savory, they let them tell you what you are going to Eat and where, where you can go, what your Education is going to be and who you are going to work for, what type of car you are going to drive (electric), who you are going to buy your products from, like Food, what make of Car you are going to drive, Homes, where you can live, Education, you can go on and on, and the Government Agencies don’t care about you, the American people at all, only just what they can get out of it Continue reading

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Get us out of Transportation Gridlock

Comment By Bob L.
Aug. 14th 2013


There are plenty of under used Rails that could be used by Sound Transit, and there are RAILS that were removed that could have been used for Transit, but were removed, this shows that they don’t want Mass Transit, even though they say they do, they would rather have them to Rails to trails.

Famous last words of YUPPIES, more Highways and less Pollution, well if you look around you, look at states that have expanded their Roadways to Mega Roadways for more Traffic and not Transit,  (Why Not put that Expansion Money in to Transit not Traffic), look at States that have the highest rate of pollution in the Country they all have Expanded their roadways, is that what you want here in Washington State, I guess the people who don’t have to pay the state E Check to get their tabs for their vehicles, they could care less about Pollution and the ones who are being punished for other who are causing the increase of pollution from other Counties that don’t have to get E Check.

This is TIME to force people to take mass transit, or make the ones who go to the same place every day over TWENTY MILES or Thirty, pay a mileage tax of TWENTY CENTS A MILE, unless they are paying for E Check this would get the state the money they need to pay for the Highways and Bridges that need to be kept up to Safe Levels, but not expand to more roads, unless it is for Mass Transit, NOT CAR USE.

I am not talking about people who have to travel with their work, this covers Construction Workers, Salesmen, Oops, I for got, Sales Persons, and Trucking Companies, this is some thing they can not get away from, and we do not need the prices of Commodities they hall to go up any more by putting this burden on them, they are already paying their fare share of road use Taxes.

The State thinks they can get these funds by raising the  price on vehicle Licensing, raising Gas Taxes, all they are going to do is go right back to where they were when the people passed a law to lower the rate on licensing of a Car, Truck, and Vans, if the State knew how to handle the money they get, this State and other would not be where they are today, IN THE RED, how do you get in the red, One: by letting Public Unions RUN this State, and Two: by knowing where the money should be spent, and not throwing it into thing that have nothing to do with Public Safety, and it is time that the Public workers Union be held to pay for their Health and Retirement not the state taxpayer, the Union gets enough in Union Dues to pay for it, instead of using it to force the State and the Taxpayer to pay it.

There tracks that go though McCord to Roy, why can’t they tie into the tracks that come out of Tacoma and go out to Frederickson and branch off there to Graham, Kapowsin and on to Eatonville or at the Branch to Loveland ( just down Mt. Hwy from Pierce Transit Park and Rid Lot), Roy, tie into the tracks there and on to McKenna, Yelm, Rainier, and if they had not made the tracks from Yelm to Centralia and made them rails to trails, they would have made a good mass Transit line, all they had to do is tie it into that line, just like the line coming out of Lakewood through McCord to Roy, has any one used their College Educated BRAIN to that aspect, they can even go from Lakewood to Dupont, or Dupont, Lakewood on to Tacoma and beyond.

There were a lot of ways to get Mass Transit up and running years back before traffic got this bad, but no they waited until now that it is needed and more expensive to do, there were more tracks that were available, but no, Yuppies wanted those for their own private use, so they had them removed at the cost it could have been upgraded to make them usable for transit, so now they are complaining about the Traffic problems and want Bigger Highways, and more pollution. 

Put that Expansion money into Mass Transit.

If you think that it is worth putting it in the News Papers, by all means, you have my Permission.



Message to gridlocked politicians: Get us out of transportation gridlock

Washington is growing.  Its transportation system is not keeping up.  A  gridlock problem is stressing our economy and trying our patience.  Alas, political gridlock grips the Washington Legislature.  There’s hint of a way out.  It’ll require leadership from a guy with lungs, and a guy with legs.


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