They Are All Gone To The Past

Bob L.
July 29th 2017

What has happen to small towns, why is it more important to make it some thing it is not, small towns were where people got together and got to know their neighbors got to go shop at local businesses.

Then some Fancy Pants with all their greedy money comes in to these towns and thinks that they can make more money by changing them to fit their life style, by this they don’t care any thing about what the local towns people think, they don’t care how many small businesses they close down, they just think about what is better for them $$$.

These people tear down the local businesses and build big box stores thinking that is what people need, by this people get farther apart, these towns now become a place for crime to start because there are no more jobs for these people to go to, because they now have to have a college degree to work their, if you don’t then they are not entitled to get a living wage that they once had.

Now to-day, you don’t have to go to the store and shop, just set their lazy butt in a chair and let their fingers do the work, but wait now all you have to do is use your voice and tell a machine what you want, and (wallah, you now have IDENTITY THEFT, why you promote it by not using your brain, oh they do, they sit on it), because it is too tiring to use their feet and fingers to do some work.

These towns become high-rise death traps, if there is a fire people have no chance to get out because the fire departments do not have the equipment to reach more than what, eight floors, any thing above that good luck, you are on your own.

These towns now don’t have liquor stores, now you can buy it just about any where, what next, no more pharmacy’s, you will walk into any store and buy any type of drug you want, legal or not, see all this is today, is more money to feed the rich, to hell with the people any more, just get every one high on booze and drugs just so the government and the rich can line their pockets.

Look around, these cities are doing nothing but trying to out do and be better than some other towns or cities, when are the people going to get a backbone and stop this waste of money.


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Bankruptcy Coming To America Workers

Bob L.
June 13th 2017

As they say, companies are greedy and don’t want employees to take any more of their pocket-money (pay checks), but for every person who is put out of work, that is another person who will NOT be buying what is for sale, there will be more Shoplifting and more Theft, this is what is going on today. The Government and Companies don’t care about the American Citizen, if you can not see it than you are very blind, or stupid.

How about Cars, Homes, and all Utilities, Water, Gas, Lights, do you think they will sit back and lose money, NO, they will do like they are now, making it harder on the people, by jacking up their Prices, how about them cutting back on the amount of people like every other company is doing today, Government Hires, Private Lays Off, so what is the out come, Bankruptcy, and More Homelessness, no money coming in and no money to BUY, they are depending on the people who still have a job, Prices and Taxes will still keep going up, no end to GREED, but closer to claps.

At the rate of job cuts and hiring, there will never be enough jobs to put every one back to work, know mater what you do, so tighten your belts and put away any thing you can, because once these jobs are gone, they are gone, if you can not see the writing on the wall then you are pretty stupid.

Do you think that they will not bring people in from other Countries to fill these jobs, they are doing that today, so what makes you think they will not do it then.

By 2020 over Five Million jobs or more will be gone, all because of GREED on both sides for more money, so keep up the greed and you will be on the outside looking in and wondering what happen, if you don’t believe it, look at the businesses that are now installing self check out, NO CASHIERS, if you don’t think so, then you fave not been to any stores lately, go to Wal-Mart, Safeway, Albertson, Lowes, Home Depot, it has already started in the fast Food Industry. So what will it be, for every One Person Hired, Fifty will not, mite be higher, not very good odds, 1=50, 1=100.



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Global Warming

Bob L.
Feb. 3rd 2017

I Don't See One Air Plain In This Picture

I Don’t See One Air Plain In This Picture

Global Warming, where do you start, lets start with the Government, and people who want to profit off the backs of the people, like Stocks, Utilities, Gas, Natural Gas, Water, yes Governments profit because they own all the water rights, even the rain, Utilities regulate how you are going to light your home or business, and how much water you can use.

Now why are they not talking about air craft, every year more air craft is put in the air, now I would say that contributes to a third of global warming, but it seems that profiteers over look that part of warming, there again stocks and profit.

If global warming is so important than why are they allowing bigger and more air craft in the air, how about rail and use Electricity to power them, oh wait that would mean they would have to provide more power than wind mills could provide, same for commuter travel, stop building larger and bigger highway and spend that money in mass transit.

Today they are making people pay for large transit systems, in some cases like Tacoma, Seattle, and how many more paying for Two and Three Transit Companies all doing the same thing, why do we need that many when one would do, we all should be paying for just ONE, not

two-three or even four.

Look back years and look at all the tracks that were torn up in cities that said they did not need them, well they have pulled them plus abandoned rail systems up, why, they all could have been used for commuter systems, look at Tacoma, Seattle, rails that were used back in the day are now being put back in when they could have been still been used, don’t they all run by Electricity, not diesel.

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This Is What Being President Is All About, The Money????

Bob L.
June 21st 2016

Sense when did having more money more important than running this Country, If that is what they are in it for money, then they are not interested in keeping this country safe, it seem that that is all they want, MONEY, MONEY MONEY.

These politicians who live on the taxpayers money and do nothing, that is why they do not want an outsider in office, they fear that they will stop their free ride on the taxpayers dime, it is time to send all these free loaders who do nothing but but protect Special Interest Groups to discriminate on others by laws for them only.

These Politicians don’t give a diddly squat about this Country, and they have no interest in stopping Racism and profiling of people in this Country Legally, they would rather feed and take care of the world than they would Americans here.

 Hillary Clinton Has Much More Money Than Donald Trump, and yes most of it comes from the American people, not out of her own pocket.

At this point I hope non of them running or ran for President, they are nothing but a bunch of crybabies, that goes for the House, the Senate, and the White House, every one of them do not care about America and it’s poor.

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Why It’s Not The Best Country Any More

Bob L.
March 21st 2016

To start it out, [Why America Isn’t The Greatest Country Any More] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPHSXUS0_1c). Do you believe that, as of the last Ten Years, I believe it, because this Country has become nothing but a Country of BULLIES, TERRORIST, AND DICTATORS. Peoples Dreams, this is all being taken away by these people. Continue reading

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What Is the Matter With This Country ToDay

Bob L.
March 20th 2016

I am not for Trump or any one of them, I just wonder why Trump is such a threat to them, and why they are doing every thing under the sun to discredit him, what are they afraid of, giving the power back to the people.

I can not believe what is happening today in this Country, do we not know what is happening, or is it we have become Cowards and Brain Dead because of what we are taught in school today, it says that no one under stands history and what made other Countries fail.

Every day I hear people say take this Country back and live with the Constitution that was written to protect our nation from Dictator Control, you better start looking back at history of our Government and what they have been doing month after month behind closed-door meetings with people other than the Legal Citizens who they are suppose to represent.

The only people who they are representing are the Rich and Businesses around the world along with Special interest who will benefit.

Check your history of who has been and who is now behind the seen that you don’t see, and what they are doing, I believe the reason they don’t want Trump in there is if he becomes President there will no longer be a free loading Government that get any thing that they want with out the will of the people, NO MORE FREE RIDE, they will no longer have all their free money that is tax-free.

People today are being led around today with a ring in their nose and ear plugs in their ears so they can’t hear the truth, oops sorry LIES they spread, this Presidential race is the worst, Obama’s was bad but not as bad as this one, WHY ARE THEY ALL SO AFRAID OF TRUMP, is it that he will take their hold of the people away from them, here is a little video of what they have been doing behind closed doors since the Eighties to today and who is involved.     https://youtu.be/V9K9Xedk5eM      Watch the whole thing. Stop saying O WELL it is our Country not theirs, and not the worlds.

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Greed At Its Best And Worst

Bob L.
Nov. 29th 2015

Just My Opinion, But, What I Have Seen In 65 years, I am 72.

Any one in past years can tell you the same thing, it was about 1965 when greed started to show its ugly head, Corporations did not think that it’s workers should live as good as them, you take it from there.

They blamed K-mart, Target, and now Wal-Mart for their demise of why they are going out of business.

Well there are several ways that this has happened, look at their track record, they started giving them selves bigger wages and paying their workers less, by this I mean, if the workers had to pay for their own Medical, and Retirement, and every thing else, they could put it in their own pocket, and by charging higher prices, this could them more to live high on the hog, but the problem is that they are not happy with that, this brings it to the day in point, NOW, States going bankrupt, stores closing, jobs going over seas, or what they call outsourcing to people who will work cheaper.

Take all businesses today, like Sears, Pennys, K-mart, ya remember K-mart was taken over by sears holding, need to say more, they are also going broke, unless you make $1oo,000.00 Dallors, you can not afford to shop there any more without selling your ass to them.

Now the Employees say if they cooperate exec. and CEO”S can pay them selves more, then they could afford to pay them more and all benefits, does that sound familiar, Government Employees from the top to the bottom, have the same problem, you hear it all the time, I can get more pay if I go to so and so, I say if that is the case then go, don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out, go break some other State, City, or County or School District, you sure don’t teach these kids in a classroom any more, you send it home for them to do it.

Lets take this group of Fifteen Dollar and hour or more ($15 dollar), when they close these jobs that people need, will they stay with that company for the rest of their life, NO, they will tell these companies to go to hell and run to the nearest job that pays more (GREED) and will kick some one else out of a job that they worked most of their life, greed is so bad in this country today, people will kill to take a job they want, and that is not America, it nothing more than a Country fighting its own people, look around and you will see why, 7 years back from today.

Look around at how many jobs left, but the employee had to train some one else to do their job, if they did not they could not get unemployment when that job left, now who was in control, the Company and the Government, just to make sure you can not leave until they are trained, they wanted to teach them a lesson for wanting more and digging in to their pay check of millions that they don’t need to live on.

No one is worth a pay of $100,000.00 or more, that should be the maximum pay any one should get paid, I don’t care who they are, this Country would be a richer place to live if wages and prices were compatible to gether and not based on sales, it seems that when people start buying some thing they jack up the prices, leave the prices flat across the board and profits will follow, a good example, when Subway went to $5.00 footlong, profits rose, and if some one wants to raise their product price, then you start making your own, and if every one did that, then that would stop any one from sucking eggs, every one has to work together or nothing can work.

GREED PROMOTES GREED untill you stop it, this Country is going to destroy its self by greed, and then what will you have, NOTHING every one has to work arm in arm if we are going to get ever one back to work, we have to shut down these groups that are destroying this Country for their own gain (MONEY).

Then comes the Union, the employee wants more, than the union wants about 15% of what you get, so where does that all get you, I am not saying the Unions are all bad, but when a Union does nothing but sit on their ass and say they are working for you, look at what is happening to Companies today, they are going out of business, leaving this Country, and WHY, GREED, top to the bottom and in the middle.



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How Dumb Can You Be

Bob L.   Just My Opinion, BUT
Sept. 10th 2015

How dumb can they be, is this what they are teaching our kids, or not teaching them why  the cost of high prices, and what causes them, our kids will never be prepared for the future with this type of education if the teachers don’t under stand why they can not afford to live in the world today

You as parents send your kids to school with people like this who don’t under stand why Prices of, Rent, Taxes, Gas, and the cost of living in Seattle are so high, maybe they need to go back to school and get a BETTER education in Economics.

There are people who don’t even get a cost of living or they have been taken away for a better pay package, just like Holidays that have been given back just to be able have a job.

Come on People open your eyes and see why the run away prices, 1, people living beyond their means, 2, people who want every thing right now and to stupid to see what the out come will be, and who will pay for it, DAH, YOU stupid , the people who want it all and right now.

Like they say there are consequences for your actions, and you always end up paying for it in the end with higher prices, the only way to stop it is freeze every ones pay at Ten Dollars   an hour ($10.00), for every one, EVERY ONE, NO EXCEPTIONS.

[Teachers in Seattle say they have walked off the job largely because they can’t afford to live in the same city as the children they teach.] Does any one know why this is, could it be more taxes to pay for all this, NEVER ENDING, it is not just Teachers that are causing the problems, it is the GREEDY. Continue reading

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Very Stupid They Are

Bob L.   This is more than my OPINION, it is actually observation of the stupid.

Environmentalist are doing every thing to help Governments to shut down this world for the name of going green, better known as lining the pockets of the Politicians, Stock Holders of large Companies, and Governments.

Environmentalist are doing what ever to ban Fossil Fuels, what are fossils? They are fuels that run an engine, better known as Gasoline, Diesel, Propane, Kerosene for portable lights, Coal for Power Plants, Natural Gas, Oh yes and last but not least, Fuel that powers your Planes, Hypocrites have got to have their planes to get around the world to spread their hate.

Environmentalist are using just actually what they are trying to stop other people from using, like Boats, Cars, Trains, Planes, and Bicycles, what makes these Bicycles, Cars and Pickups, Planes, Trucks that bring you every thing from Gas, Food, Water, Cars, Planes, Bicycles that don’t pay for highway taxes, sales tax yes, road tax NO.

SO now who is the Stupid, the hypocrite, and the person who does not know what they are talking about just to make a profit off the backs of the working poor.


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Greedy, Greedy, Pants On Fire

Bob L      Just My Opinion, BUT
May 8th 2015

Is it my imagination, or is it that people today are so greedy that they will do just about any thing to get what they want. It is not Liar, Liar, any more, it is Greedy, Greedy, Give Me, Give Me, well with that attitude, you are getting what you want, HIGHER TAXES, HIGHER PRICES with less take home.

Every time I turn on the news, I see people protesting just about any thing to get what they want, now they want to stop our kids from getting summer job to pay for their next years schools supply’s, and besides keeping them from getting a good work habit so they will know that life is not a hand out, and you have to work for what you get, and not given to you on a silver platter.

Look at what is happening today, the Government is brain washing our kids to the point that if you want any thing, just protest and you will get it free and clear, but how can you get any thing with out an education, oh that is right, to get any thing done, they will bring people in from around the world, they will work cheaper than the American Citizen.

Do you think our kids today are getting the education that they deserve, I my self don’t think so, there is to much testing and not enough in school teaching, most of the education today is sent home in home work, and then go back to school the next day and take a test on what you did in your home work, that is not an education, that is just laziness by the educators today, all you here is more money, more money, then maybe they will teach another year with out picketing for more money.

What happen to Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic, in your head, not on the Computers they have in the schools today, somewhere in all this, there is some one making a profit from the way our kids are being taught, it just looks a little fishy when these kids are falling behind foreign education. WHY IS THAT? WHY ARE OUR KIDS FALLING BEHIND? People to lazy to do any thing about it, but not to lazy to want more for them selves.

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