Republicans Won’t, But How About?

Bob L
June 21st 2017

What a bunch of hogwash, Republicans won’t work with Democrats over Health Insurance, HOW ABOUT, you have to pass it if you want to know what is in it, does that sound like Republicans won’t work with Democrats, it was the other way around when Obamacare was being drawn up behind closed doors, so people get your stories straight.

Republicans and the Russians, how about Democrats and the Russians, why are they not doing something about that?

Why is it that the Republicans are the only ones who are destroying this country, well the Democrats are wasting taxpayers money keeping these hearing going to find just any thing they can, I think they should start investigating them selves for interfering with disrupting Government from doing what they were elected to do.

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Bankruptcy Coming To America Workers

Bob L.
June 13th 2017

As they say, companies are greedy and don’t want employees to take any more of their pocket-money (pay checks), but for every person who is put out of work, that is another person who will NOT be buying what is for sale, there will be more Shoplifting and more Theft, this is what is going on today. The Government and Companies don’t care about the American Citizen, if you can not see it than you are very blind, or stupid.

How about Cars, Homes, and all Utilities, Water, Gas, Lights, do you think they will sit back and lose money, NO, they will do like they are now, making it harder on the people, by jacking up their Prices, how about them cutting back on the amount of people like every other company is doing today, Government Hires, Private Lays Off, so what is the out come, Bankruptcy, and More Homelessness, no money coming in and no money to BUY, they are depending on the people who still have a job, Prices and Taxes will still keep going up, no end to GREED, but closer to claps.

At the rate of job cuts and hiring, there will never be enough jobs to put every one back to work, know mater what you do, so tighten your belts and put away any thing you can, because once these jobs are gone, they are gone, if you can not see the writing on the wall then you are pretty stupid.

Do you think that they will not bring people in from other Countries to fill these jobs, they are doing that today, so what makes you think they will not do it then.

By 2020 over Five Million jobs or more will be gone, all because of GREED on both sides for more money, so keep up the greed and you will be on the outside looking in and wondering what happen, if you don’t believe it, look at the businesses that are now installing self check out, NO CASHIERS, if you don’t think so, then you fave not been to any stores lately, go to Wal-Mart, Safeway, Albertson, Lowes, Home Depot, it has already started in the fast Food Industry. So what will it be, for every One Person Hired, Fifty will not, mite be higher, not very good odds, 1=50, 1=100.



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Global Warming & The People

Bob L.
May 28th 2017

It is not global warming that is distorting this Country, it is the PEOPLE and COMPANIES, they have become so greedy, and lazy, the people today would never survive the work that our ancestors did when the came to this country, they complained but if you wanted a job you had to except what was there, they were not given hand outs like today, they had to work until the Stock Market crashed because of there is that word again, GREED, just like the housing bust.

People and Companies have become so greedy they have put up barriers that today keep people from working, every one want a big pay check, some to the point as to putting in machines to replace the people, others put stipulations in that keep people from getting a job that is open, and then say no one want to work, just so they can bring in more people from another county.

You might think that is not true, but how many people have lost their job to some one they had to train from another country to do that job at a lower rate of pay, GREED on the companies part, how many people have tried to get a job but were turned down for the reason of Bad Credit, Filed for Bankruptcy, to Old or Young, no Experience or to much Experience.

It is not in most cases that people don’t want to work, it is because these companies are to picky so they can make a bigger profit, just look at all these stores today that are going out of business, why, GREED, and trying to sell their product at over inflated prices, when they buy them from sweat shops at pennies on the dollar.

This country did not start out with all these fancy Machines, or Computers, they had Pick and Shovels, Wheelbarrows, Pad and Pencils to do Math in their head, they did this work for FIFTY CENTS a day for ten to twelve hours a day, five, six or seven days a week, can the people today say that, NO, because the don’t care what happens to this country, only what they can put in their pocket for nothing.

And if you get to the heart of it all, you will find that it all starts with Government and their greed, Outrageous Wages and Perks, Taxes and More Taxes, like a carbon Tax that will put more people out of work and living on the streets, Regulations with the Help of the EPA that have been put on these Companies to the point of going out or almost going out of Business, SO who is really the cause of Global Warming, GREED.


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Political Rants And Raves

Bob L.
Feb. 25th 2016

Politicians will say any thing to get elected but the truth, why are so many Legal Americans so brain-dead and vote for any one who lies, we need people in Government who will bring this Country back to the freedom we once had where people could afford to buy Food, a Home, and a Car, and they had Auto and Medical Insurance without having to borrow money just to keep a roof over their head. It is all up to YOU what you want in this Country.

This Country went to the shits starting in the sixties when JFK was killed, and has been going down hill fast, but now in the last TEN (10) years the Governments all over this Country has really become corrupt and greedy, this Country is not what our Forefathers intended it to be.

Why has it become that way, because every one today wants every thing their way, to hell with the laws and the Constitution, corporations have gotten greedier, Government and Government Workers have become greedy, they have no respect for any one but themselves, they want their cake and eat it to no matter how much it kills this Country and the poor, people who can not afford to keep paying their wages and cost of living.

This Country is broke if you don’t no, if all the Countries call in their loans that this Country has borrowed, this Country could not pay them back, now where do you think we will be, owned by a dictator Country, which do you want, freedom or some one telling you what to do, just like what the White house is doing right now.

Hell with Global Warming, the GOVERNMENTS and the RICH are doing a better job of destroying the WORLD then GLOBAL Warming.


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Colleges Teach People To Be Greedy NOT Smart

Bob L.   Just My Opinion
Sept. 11 2014

I can not believe that people can be so stupid and misinformed when they go to college, look at what is coming out of our so called higher learning, dumb, ignorant, under educated, I think they never left first grade by what they think and do.

Look at what they are doing to the people who are on a set income who will never see an income increase, Fast-food workers push for $15 wage in Bellevue march

About 150 people marched from Seattle to Bellevue to advocate for a $15 minimum wage on the Eastside. Eight people were arrested during a subsequent rally during an act of civil disobedience.

Some one has to pay for all this and it is not the ones who can afford it, it is the people like Seniors on an income set by Government, who’s medical is being taken away to give medical to people making up to what is it Eighty Thousand Dollars a year, while Seniors have to give up theirs to pay for some one else’s medical, and you can not forget the poor and sick, they are the ones who are going to pay for it, and be the next ones home less, like they said when Obama was elected, he was out to Kill Grandma, and of today it is coming true. Continue reading

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The Un-United States

Bob L. Just My Opinion, BUT what do you think, update if you think there is more.
Sept. 5th 2014

I see it this way, to start, the People came to this Country to Start a new life away from Government Dictators, I believe most were poor, if my history was right that I learned in school, so where are we today, back to Government control, but we have to start at the top, now where would that be, if we start at the top, we will see who is in real control of this Country.

Here is how I see it, people who are running this Country

1 – The Rich

2 – World Governments

3 – All United States Governments

this covers from Federal, States, Counties, and Cities.

4 – Special Interest Groups

5 – Environmentalists

6 – Church Groups

7 – People who will do any thing to keep all Legal American from UNITING to make a better Country and Community, with people of all races, but you have some who want to bring this Country down with out helping illegals come In to this Country legally.

Now we get in to the people who are at the for front who are helping push this Country in to a place where the Governments can do any thing they want and you have no say, is this sounding more and more the way this Country is going.

Today, top to bottom

1 – Millennial Yuppies who will buy any thing no matter what the price

2 – Yuppies they started we got to have the best and now

3 – The Hippies who wanted the laws changed for their lifestyle

Now as you go down the list you can see who is benefiting and who is paying the price, the Average wage earner, the poor on minimum wage, and the people who are on a set income with no chance of being able to keep pace with inflation.

What is the next step to where this is all going, well if you can not see it all ready, than you are one the people at the top causing all the problems and wanting more, you do not care about this Country’s future only yours, well if you don’t see the hand writing on the wall then you have not had a good education, and from what I see every day in what is happening in this Country, by our education system today from the past we are in big trouble, because all I can hear from Educators from public schools to Colleges is MORE MONEY not what is wrong with our school system today from the past.

Greed today is the destruction of all things going wrong, it is not the education that has gone bad it is Greed and two many people telling the schools what to do, but yet they want the parents to help why don’t we just turn all these schools back there local school boards and parents. See the problems are is that there are Federal, State, County, and City Dictators, and you can not for get all the different Unions who are dabbling their witch craft in the operation of the schools, SO with so many organizations telling the schools what to do, how can you get any thing taught to where our kids can get a good education, they are surely not going to get it in college, what is happening today in this Country is proof of a poor college education, and these people say they went to college, I my self don’t think that they even graduated from first grade.

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Blue Bloods Are Not So Blue

Bob L. Just My Opinion
July 14th 2014

What is your stand, are you a Greedy Blue Blood out for money, or are you an America out to protect this Country from Dictators and Terrorists, look around and look at who these people are, they are not your Friends, they are your Enemies who DO NOT believe in this Country and what it can be.

You can do any thing you want but think for your self, our Government has gotten you so brain washed in to thing that they know best,well if you have not noticed they are only lining their pockets at your expense, while you believe in every thing that they are telling you, they are laughing all the way to the bank with money they are getting from stocks you are giving them every time you believe in what they are shoving down your throat. Continue reading

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What Yuppies and Millennial Yuppies Want

Bob L. Just my Opinion.
July 14th 2014

Here is an article that tell just exactly what these Yuppies and these new Millennial Yuppies are doing to this Country, they want every thing and they want it now, well it is eventually going to come to a point when all this comes down on their heads, but until then the Government is getting more control over this Country.

These Yuppies and Millennial Yuppies want more parks, more places to go and party, they don’t care about the cost, they got money to burn, while Taxes, Prices, and Government control get more control.

Believe it or not it is happening.


Thanks to Michelle Obama, Chick-fil-A Banned from School

July 14, 2014 By Jennifer Burke

Socastee High School is saying goodbye to Chick-fil-A thanks to the nutritional guidelines for all schools as determined by Michelle Obama, who incidentally does not have a degree or even a certificate in nutrition. As a result of this change, not only will students not experience the tasty goodness that is Chick-fil-A, students in the Department of Special Education will be made to suffer the loss of their main fundraiser for field trips.

EAGNews reports that Socastee Principal Paul Browning said that the school will come into compliance with Michelle Obama’s guidelines, but it will amount to being able to sell pine bark and flavored water with extremely limited options for what students can purchase during the school day.
The director of food services for Horry County Schools, Laura Farmer, said, “We’re feeding the trash cans.” Unsatisfied with the new lunch offerings, students are throwing away the food and many have opted not to buy lunch at school, period. Both have resulted in a financial loss for the school district.

One former school board member, Wendy Day, told EAGNews, “I would tell her, mom to mom, to stay out of my child’s lunch box. She can feed her kids whatever she wants, but if I want to feed my kids a cupcake and a peanut butter sandwich, it isn’t her business. Here in fly over country, we like cupcakes.”

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Feeding the Rich From the Pockets of the Poor

Bob L. Just My Opinion
June 13 2014

But as a Senior Citizen, have you ever noticed that Government, Yuppies, and now Millennials are quick to say how much seniors get and say they are costing this Country a lot of money that could be used other places, like for themselves, but they for get that their time will come soon enough that they will think that they are not getting enough, like now, where they are taking part time jobs from school kids who use that money to help pay for college and supplys for high school, these Millennials are making sure these kids won’t get those jobs because these Yuppies, and Millennials are in the process of shutting them down, or out of reach for these kids that need these jobs.

There are Seniors out there that are not getting what a person gets on minimum wage and every one thinks that they are getting to much, well lets see if you can live on a wage of $30,000.00 thousand a year, while paying for Health Insurance, Car Insurance, Rent of $800.00 to a $1,000.00 Dollars a mouth, Food, Gas for their Car, Cable, and in some places Utilities, now you add that up and see if you can live on that each month.

They all say the same thing, no one can live on minimum wage, but they expect the seniors to live on less, wow, would you not call that profiling from the start, what is not good for the Millennials and Yuppies, is good for seniors to live on.

The young today don’t have any respect for their elders or them selves, they are mire interested in changing the Country to benefit them selves on an individual basis, it is a shame that they feel that way because it was their forefathers who brought forward the freedom that they enjoy to day, so what they are doing is cutting their own throat for their future for them selves and their kids to have what use to be.

Just remember you will be here sooner then you think.

A Letter From Mom and Dad

My Child, when we get old, we hope you understand and have patience with us in case we break a plate, or spill soup on the table because we are loosing our eyesight, we hope you don’t yell at us.
Older people are sensitive, always having selfpity when you yell.
When our hearing gets worse and we can not hear what you are saying, we hope you don’t call us “deaf!” please repeat what you said or write it down. Continue reading

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Marijuana Health Risks


Bob L.   Just My Opinion, But, who is going to be the biggest loser, the Smoker or the Innocent by standers who can lose their Job or Health because of second hand smoke.
April 25th 2014

There are hypocrites today who don’t have any thing better to do than telling others how to run their lives, as you know the old saying, people who live in glass houses should not throw stones, but they don’t have any thing better to do, as though their live are perfect and don’t need any changes. I say it is my life to do what I want to do, not yours, so don’t stick you nose into other peoples lives.

Now the thing is make it harder to sell Cigars, Pipe Tobacco, and Cigarettes, to stop any one under Twenty One from getting them, but it is all right to allow kids get ahold of Marijuana, how many time have they caught kids in grade school with and smoking this now legal weed, and putting out food laced with this drug as well for kids to get ahold of, WOW and they said kids would not be able to get ahold of it, it is just the same as Cigarettes, and Alcohol, more kids are getting ahold of these products.

This just like Environmentalist, they complain that they need mass transit and tighter law on pollution but not for them. 


The Truth About Marijuana: Health Risks Trivialized

By Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum, Lenox Hill Hospital

Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum is an attending cardiologist and the director of Women’s Heart Health of Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City and has been featured on The Early Show,” “The Doctors,” “Good Morning America,” “20/20” and other TV programs. She recently released her book, “Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum’s Heart Book: Every Woman’s Guide to a Heart Healthy Life” (Avery, 2014) and is the host of “Focus on Health,” a weekly magazine news show spotlighting health topics, seen on WLNY-TV. Steinbaum contributed this article to Live Science’s Expert Voices: Op-Ed & Insights.

 In this new era of marijuana legalization, the information delivered to the public often extols the benefits of cannabis, with its seemingly magical properties. Much of the literature implies, or blatantly states, that this substance has been withheld, wrongly, from the public and that people have been missing out on its many amazing benefits. But the public isn’t getting the full story, and as states continue to consider marijuana legalization, lawmakers and the public should have all the facts.

Continue reading

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