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Government Educationed 2+2 = They Can’t add

Bob L.
July 12th 2016

Tacoma’s plastic bag ban and other Cities  logic is the same as, what is the answer to the question, what is 2+2, these people don’t know the answer, 2+2 = not what they think it means, they think that if you ban plastic bags, that will solve all the problems, well maybe for them it will, but not for the people, you see all you have to do is go to the store and buy garbage bags of all sizes, now you still have plastic bags going to the land fills and going into streams along our roads and streets, wow 2+2 comes up what, sure not FOUR (4), but they think it does.

You see if you ban plastic bags, = jobs, if you charge 5 cents a bag and they get the money, what does that do to the people, and what does that do to the business, that will and could mean higher prices to the people at these stores, because the stores have to buy the paper bags so the city could city or government could line their greedy pockets, and the stores receives nothing, Ooo yah, just a way to charge more at the cash register, government, stores win, people again lose to greed.

And when you add up the answer, you get what, greed for the greedy, and for the people, here again, the people get the answer four (4), the government and stores, greed, so who do you think the winner will be, the people who feed the greedy at every raise of a tax, and do these people have their hand in the stock market to want this law in effect.

If you are so head up about these bags, than ban them all, and while you are at it, fine way to put more people out of work, you are doing a good job of it now, dig harder, you should be able to find more ways to put people out of work, but don’t come winning when your money runs short like it did when you did on tobacco, now you can do it on your wacky tobacco.

If this such a big problem, come up with a biodegrade plastic bag, or is that to simple and hard to get through stupid educated peoples head, than just maybe we can keep people working, and putting more people back to work, but I don’t think that they really care what happen to any one but them selves.


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A Sucker Is Born Every Minute (Lied To)

Bob L.    Just My Opinion, BUT
Jan. 26th 2015

P.T. Barnum could not have said it any better when it comes to people who don’t stand up to a corrupt Government, a sucker is born every minute. oppressive government is more to be feared than a gun, a gun ends it now, a Government delays it for years. You can go on and see just how stupid people are today to let this all happen, and they can not say it is from a lack of education, it come from people who don’t care about the United States Constitution, because they have had it to good all these years, now from being stupid, they don’t know what to do now, so they did not learn one thing in school or college. Continue reading

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Government Sticking It To The People (Washington St.)


Bob L.    Just My Opinion, BUT!
Dec. 16th 2014

homeless2jpg-42c4518543a5ea02Our Government is busy spending so much money on such10590483_797781330281998_4969813968209198746_n things as building Tunnels, hundreds on Speed Circles to save a dollar on Stop Signs, they are dumping money in to putting art up on our streets, but what I don’t see is this state trying to get Companies to hire hundreds of people, or getting Companies to build here and hire.

No they want a company who will hire only college grads, there are more people out there who need a job to who can not afford to go to college, this only shows that Government does not care if you work or not, they just want you to keep paying out what you don’t have, they don’t want the average people to get ahead, they want to keep them broke.

One, Government says that no child will be left behind, but until Government gets out of the School business, children will be left behind and keep getting pushed back farther, the problem is that there to many people who have their fingers in the department of education, why not go back to letting the school do their job like they use to and get the Government, (Federal, States, Counties, Cities, and Unions), then maybe our Children and Grand Children will get an Education that they deserve.

US Sen. Murray aims to tackle No Child Left Behind

KOMO Seattle   Dec 16

Former preschool teacher U.S. Sen. Patty Murray wants to rescue the so-called No Child Left Behind Law in her new role as ranking Democrat on the Senate Health Education Labor and Pensions Committee.
Washington State Governor is stepping into the shoes of a typical Democrat (Obama), stick it to the people so a profit can be made with CAP and TAX to for a profit from Carbon Futures.
I have a feeling that the Counties who are going to face the brunt of this Tax, it will be Peirce, King, and Snohomish Counties along with the other two that have to have E check and who are said to have the highest carbon count, but a lot of cars coming into Pierce and King, they are coming out of Thurston County, with NO E CHECK 

 Governor proposes $12 billion transportation plan

MEDINA — Overlooking the Highway 520 floating bridge project, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee on Tuesday unveiled a proposal he said would address the state’s most pressing transportation needs — fixing bridges and roads and boosting the ferry system while cleaning the air and water.
Let take the profit out of Government coffers and give it back to the people.
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Holidays To Be Honered Misused By Self Greed

Bob L.   Just My Opinion But
Nov. 14th 2014

men63November is just another day, but it is just like any other day, people think that the only thing about it is that they get a day or two off to go out and hit the Local Liquor Store and or the local Pub to party, and not for the Holiday, they don’t think how it all got started, they could care less.

Today people only think about them selves and not why they have these Holidays, some are created by the Government so they can have more time off, the same way they give them selves long Vacations every year, and Automatic Pay Raises that the working people don’t get, they also don’t care about this Country, the ones who did, they were for a better country were Assassinated.

Does any one think that Slavery is gone, well think again, Slavery is going strong, WHAT, YES, slavery is still being controlled by the Rich, Big Corporations, Unions, Courts, and Government, Why, because they, well if you don’t know by now then you are one of them promoting slavery to all working poor who are being regulated by these people.

But getting back to the holidays, people are so greedy that they let the rich continually promote slavery, it is not just the blacks any more it is all working class, and if you want to have a life style like the rich, you lose your job to the people they bring in from Foreign Countries, and the Illegals, so don’t think that slavery is gone, if you are a person who has worked to become a Citizen, you are also losers to this.

File USCIS Immigration Form (It costs $680* to file an application for citizenship: $595* application fee and $85* fingerprinting fee. Please see the USCIS Immigration Forms website for the latest fee information.)


[ It may soon cost $2,680 to become a US citizen

By Christopher Sherman, The Associated Press
Posted: 02/02/2014

(As President Barack Obama renews his quest for immigration reform, some proposals would impose fines of $2,000 on top of application fees, making the financial hurdles much taller for people who are here illegally.) ]

============================= So what is Obama’s plan for illegals.

Education today is also being torn apart by these people who don’t want past history taught to educate our kids to learn why these laws were put into place, and why the U.S. Constitution was drawn up, so today we are losing our Freedom Of Religion, just one of our Constitutional laws, you can go on and see just how much has been taken away by these people, they are letting them into this Country and most of them are not CITIZENS of the UNITED STATES.

So as far as the Holidays to remember, they are no longer a day to pay tribute to the people who landed here to give you this a better life and for them selves and their families, and the people who have and are defending this Country to keep it a better life, but today we have people who want this all changed for them selves, and to hell with our LAWS and the people, and who are believers of the Constitution.

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Washington State Democrats want to Destroy Jobs, Another Obama



Bob L.    Just My Opinion But!
Nov. 12th 2014

lcfs-gas-pricesJust what we need is another Obama law killing jobs, but this time it is our Democratic Governor  Inslee who is no better then Obama, but it is a Democratic run State doing it here, this shows just what the Democrats think of the working people, CRUSH THEM, don’t let them get ahead, keep them broke.

We are one of the highest in Gas Prices, we don’t need to be like California, Bankrupting our state with high taxes, and taxes that are not going to go for infrastructure but their pet projects.


Shift Washington   safe_image

That could increase gas prices by $1.17 per gallon?

The Governor’s own consultants estimate that his fuel mandate could cost Washingtonians another $1.17 per gallon for gas. What’s worse is this increased cost will do absolutely nothing to improve our roads, crumbling bridges, or provide congestion relief. The Governor is even considering using an Executive Order to implement his fuel mandate, instead of getting the legislature involved.

We believe your voice should be heard on a tax increase of this magnitude. By voting in our poll, you’ll help us raise awareness of Inslee’s plan to increase the cost of gasoline by up to $1.17 per gallon. We’ll be releasing the poll results (though your response will remain anonymous) to legislators and the media so they know where Washingtonians stand on this fuel mandate.

  • How much more are you willing to pay per gallon for a new fuel mandate?*
    • Nothing
    • A dime or less
    • 10 to 50 cents
    • 50 cents to $1.00
    • More than a $1.00
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Cut Your Nose Off To Show How Dumb You Are

Bob L.     Just My Opinion But  Cry Babies Want Every Thing Their Way, It Is The Fad
Oct. 30th 2014

Cry All You Want, if you are so worried about the oil trains then why don’t you stop all movement of Oil, Gasoline, Natural Gas, Coal, that move by Railroad and our Roadways, and close down all gas stations, and that goes for Natural Gas Pipe Lines, every one of them has a potential of Exploding in and around your Neighborhood, not to say all cities that they go through.

The best thing to do is stop any thing that runs on Gasoline, Diesel, Propane,  Natural Gas, and even Electric, these are all hazardous to people in one way or another and can cause death by Exploding or Electrocution, it is saying that you can not have every thing you want.  Continue reading

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They Are Not Cutting Any Thing From Their Job, Just People

Bob L.      Just My Opinion
Oct. 24th 2014

Every time you hear of people losing their jobs, you never hear of the top Executive or Board of Directors losing their job, or pay to help make the Company more viable, look how much money they all make, and then they want you the Employee to make concessions so they can keep their pay, Their Fancy Homes, and Health Insurance that they don’t pay their Employees, why, they say they can not afford to, the first place you start is at the TOP then go down the list, it just show how dumb college educated people are, it is them and no one else, THEY CALL THAT GREED.

They say they are losing money, why, because they don’t have a clue of what GREED is, because that college education said they were smart, well just look how smart they are, their brains have just bankrupt their company, and all because of GREED, that college education taught them nothing, and showed just how stupid they really are, and it shows that they don’t know how to run a company profitably, just their greed.

Continue reading

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Workers DRINKING on Job???

Comment By Bob L.

Workers drinking on job, how can that be, they say there are no Alcoholics just because they voted to make alcohol more available to get any where.

They all thought that since Alcohol was legal to buy any where meant all laws were dropped so they could use it any time. This is what they wanted when it was passed. Continue reading

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Business Tax to some but NOT ALL Businesses

Comment By Bob L.

Here is what you call Total Greed, all these Governments have the same problem they don’t know how to spend money that does not belong to them, or they don’t know what is more important to use the money for, they look more to helping their friends make money instead of saying NO, it is not a necessity, ask your self, will this help the people on health and safety and jobs, or will it put a hardship on them. Well you can see it has put a hardship on people, JOBS, (jobs are full-time not temporary, or part-time) will I have one tomorrow????? Continue reading

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Health Safety and Government Rule

By Bob L.

Good morning every one and how is every one today.

Did you ever have one of though days that you knew something was wrong and could not do anything about it because everyone was so wrapped up in looking at themselves in the mirror that they could not see what was going on in their Country, Counties or their cities, in how the Government tells you that they are there to protect you, boy what a lie, that is all they do is lie so they can get Elected, they will tell you any thing because so many people don’t care or listen and will let them get away with it. Continue reading

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